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Apocalypse Now????


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Can you identify this board? A friend gave it to me this weekend at the Okemo "Carving Gone Wild" session.

Check out the recessed groove in the base. The topsheet says TAC "Tapered Asymmetrical Core".

It appears to be 155 cm with a lot of camber.


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I have ridden it. I used to work for a shop that sold apocalypse boards.

I vaguely recall that it was stiff for its length and construction looked a bit suspect. Overall I was not to impressed but I may have been a bit too much of a newbie to really appreciate it.

I am contemplating going up this weekend calling around for hotels at Okemo. Please post your opinion on how it rides.

I do remeber it was hard to tune and grind though with that base! :)

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Designed by a New Zealand guy called Dave Partridge, made sometime in the early/mid 90s I think. I actually knew this guy back in NZ before he went to Apocolyse.

THe Central Asym Position means that it is built with an asym core; so that the way it flexes is not the same on either side; the board is shifted to be stiffer in the tail on the heel side sort of, so that it balances out with the weight shift forward and back that was popular back then.

I think that the camber may also be twisted to match that as well... this means that you can only ride a goofy/switch or regular board depending on which way it is designed, it would ride a bit odd if you ride it backwards.

The channel was supposed to do something I never understood.

Somewhere on it it probably says which way round it is to be ridden, or it has a designated heel side.

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Thanks Kipstar.

Yep, it specifically says "Regular" on it. I'll get the rust off the edges and try it. The binding mounts postion the feet much closer together than I'm used to.

I'll let you know what it's like when I get a chance to ride it. That may be a short while, I injured a knee Sunday at Okemo.

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My brother in law had that board and liked it very much. I believe the channel enabled it to track straighter when not on edge. I do remember hearing that it rode very stiff and very fast. I'll be curious to hear the review. I believe he road it from '93-96 if that helps in the year category.

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That explains it!

I am a goofy footer and I am sure the board was a regular.

I remeber that I was having a hard time on the board but I am not sure if it was inexperience or the fact the board flexed like a 2x4 or a combination of the three. sorry to hear about your knee.

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As someone suggested, it felt very stiff. The channeled groove only became evident getting off the lifts - it was difficult turning the board with one one foot when the board kept wanting to go straight.

I'm glad I gave it a try but I never felt comfortable laying out the sort of turns I can do my RennTiger GS board.

On the other hand, I really like the Burton Race Plates and will probabaly switch them to my Hot Shine.

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