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I am looking for a pair of 29/30 boots.

They will need to be blown out on the sides, really wide feet.

Which boots have enough meat in the shell to do this, Head or Deelux.

With Thermo's would a measured size of 29.5 go to a 30 or a 29?


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Guest Randy S.

I have E width feet. I'd suggest either the Head or UPZ boots. Either should handle being stretched. Both have real metal buckles - unlike Raichle.

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Guest Fatty Arbuckle

What is the difference in stiffness between the following:

Head Stratos

Deeluxe Indy

Anyone have any pro's and cons for a guy who wants (and needs) a stiff boot?


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Guest Randy S.

According to Bomber's Description from another part of this site, the Indy is stiffer. I have the stiffer tongues in my Heads and they're pretty stiff, but I can see how someone might want it stiffer. I bet you could get Bomber to send you both boots and you can see which you prefer.

Stiffy factor aside, I prefer the Heads for a host of reasons that I've outlined in other threads (do a search on head boots to find them).

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