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Setback for UP


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I've been riding my UP for a while now with my TD1 but I've always had problem with stance width because as you can see in the picture, gaps are too large. I was riding both front and rear foot standard setback (I believe 15mm) with 17.5" stance width untill now but I want to increase to around 19". In order to do that I'm going to have to either push my front binding forward or my rear to the back seat. that equals to either my riding position little more forward from centre or increase setback to around 40mm.

so here are my final questions. Is it okay to set my binding a little forward from centre? or is it dangerous?

I know some ppl set their binding centre but is there any penalty for doing that?

thx in advance


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I like to ride with my bindings forward from center. It helps me get my center of mass over the front of my board more. I always believed that it is harder to weight forward than back. Most people have a tendancy to fall to far back in their turns. I think having bindings shifted up a little sort of prevents that.

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