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thinning the quiver

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I have several boards for sale

  Donek 176 FC 11 with TD3, 3* blue 800.00, Donek 184 Rev prototype from 2010, low miles 14/20/17, 350.00

Kessler 168 BX from Bola, 800.00  , Swoard 175 M with TD3 blue, 3* 500.00, Super Old 185 Tinkler, said to be Ryan Mcdonalds old board, great collector board, make offer.

Please text or email for pictures and questions.




please be patient, my plate is full , I need to sell these boards, all are plus shipping from 98022


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some boards have sold
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I still have the Kessler 168 BX , stock dimensions from Bola 850.00 great base and edges

Donek 176 Free carve ll with TD 3 standard,  blue, 3 * 900.00 nearly new

Donek 184 14/20/17- 20 waist rev prototype low miles, 450.00

Swoard 175 M with TD3 standard, blue 3* great shape, 550.00

Old 185 Tinkler massive camber 21 waist, make offer

Text for pictures




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