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Guest Flaskman

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Guest Flaskman

Do you folks use your regular email here? I used my hotmail account because of the probability of getting spam by posting it here, do any of you use your real account and not get spammed?

It's kinda pointless to use an account that I don't check very much, but I sure don't want my new, clean, virgin account to get hit with a bunch of crap because I posted it here (or anywhere else).


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Guest Randy S.

From what I can tell, I've never received SPAM b/c of BOL. If you enable "Email Notification" on every thread you post in, you'll get a lot of mail, but otherwise nothing.

Why is this posted in the Classified section?

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But as you start buying and selling, your email address is obviously going to have to be known to whoever you buy/sell to. So if they get a virus, worm, trojan or something, your email addy could become a target despite you personal viligant efforts.

I recommend you have multiple accounts. I personally have a good dozen or so, though a good minimum base would be three: 1- for family/friends, 1- for businesses you're confident in, 1- for a potential risky senario.

So that way if a family member compromises your account, your business one is good. Of if you "risky" account starts getting garbage, you can bascially just delete it and make another one, with out having to cummunicate with famiy/friends or editing a profile at a business website.

All that said, I've go spam this week, for the first time really ever. A wooping thee [/scarcam].

Here's a screenshot of them.


It's the same gmail account I use for this forum and many other forums and any related communication. No potential for any info leak and no one I know knows this account. So if things got really bad, I could delete the account and edit the profile at some forum sites, and everything is OK.

Very powerful. I recommend you try the same approach. Then again, most email offerings have pretty good spam filtering, so it's not really an issue.


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