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Swoard boots?!?

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Explainations: We have worked with many boot makers in order to try to fine the best combination for EC/Freecarve that suits our style of riding ( aka: no plates, wide boards with EC in mind) to replace our aging .900 and try to avoid a 1000+€ solution.

It took Patrice and Arnaud ( we have the chance to have a plastic injection engineer in the team) 4 years or riding different boots with mods and work finally with UPZ with a modified injection formula that suits our riding style better. The mold is this of the RC12, with different tongues in the kit for each tastes, and also a modified spring system that one can adapt to our style " à la northwave style" the way we experimented with Jacques and Patrice in the early years of Swoard ( 2001-2003). This made it however possible to keep everything in the 700€ price range with all the optionnal mods included. ( sorry if this sounds like an add > moderators can feel free to move it to dedicated forum area)

This season will see the first batch of final production with feedback from the full riding team as well as 2019-2020 customers.

Can't wait to test mine!



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Can you describe "softer lower"? I like the idea of a softer flexing boot, but not if it involves deforming the foot area . Hard to tell how much of a change these would be from the RC12's (regarding plastic flex and deformation).

Also, please explain the note:

"XC12 not to be used with boards equipped with riser plates"

The boot sounds great in a lot of ways, but I'm a guy that likes a softer flex on top of an isoplate.

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Sorry guys Patrice has written long explainations on the EC forum..might be easier to read his explaination directly there instead of copy paste here..


Arnaud, who is a team member since prehistoric ages and happens to be a plastic injection engineer has also spent time with Patrice and UPZ developping the specs for it.. his explainations are also helpful to give you answers !

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