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Schwietzer '20, new lifts and old friends

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Rode with Mark for about an hour this morning.  Temps just around or below freezing.  Vis was ok as the cloud deck was just above the WROD.  Not very crowded and some real turns could be made with cau

Made it onto the Schweitzer Facebook page.

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The N.I.C.E. guys will once again be trenching on a select few of 59 groomed runs, be on the look out as man made hazards do exist and will change throughout the day!!!


Mostly sunny, with a high near 27. West wind 6 to 9 mph.

Mostly Sunny


High / Low 27° / 17°

Summit 13°F

Visibility Good

Wind Light

Village 21°F

Visibility Good

Wind Light


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1 hour ago, Keenan said:

Our spring break/family ski trip to Anthony Lakes just got shut down.  Are the restaurants in Sandpoint still open?  

Yes, but it could all change instantly.  I consider it a day-by-day wait until Schweitzer closes early and other restrictions come to Idaho.

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Hi there Idaho carvers, I'm a Seattle area general contractor and have been snowboarding  for 30 years. I have an opportunity to build a place on the lake in Sagle and am wondering if any of you are in the trades or have connections with any of the trades. I'm a carpenter with skills in most trades but if this happens I will be acting mainly as a general. Also any leads on a place to rent for 6-8 months while construction takes place. My customer will be putting me up. As far as riding goes this year was a total bust, 1 day, my usual total is 60-80. Getting a divorce after 42 years, building a place for my soon to be ex, spending time with my girlfriend, working on my regular jobs, I was ready to hit the spring season hard and they closed Crystal MT. the day I was ready to get after it. Next season will be good for sure ( if there is one). I met a few of you guys a number of years ago at an impromptu carving session at Timberline in the spring, Russ, Mark, and a Steve I think, as well as Dan from Portland, my name is Warren. I've sold all of my hardboot gear to put towards my ex wifes place and I sold most of my softbot stuff as well. I kept my best Doneks, a Kessler, a D.O. 165 and a full bag and love riding pow and soft boot carving. I will own a Thirst when things clear up for me.


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hi Warren, Kram and I are both carpenters. We recently built a high end home on the lake in Sagle and would love to do it again.

Can't help with a place to stay but certainly could help with construction, logistics, e mail switchcarve at yahoo dot com, PM me or call 2o8 6lo 2l 69


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