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Hey Kent: The G-Team makes it into the news


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Jessica is also trying to get another station to Hyland this Saturday. This team sends record numbers of riders to USASA Nationals each year and walks away with lots of medals (and a few championships). The G-Team also had 3 of 12 slots on the USASA All American Team that competed in Italy recently (and most of the coaching staff). It's nice to see the recognition. We do expect some alpine medals this year as well.

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....nor should you! Somehow I expected you, Chuck and others to reply. Remember that Speed 164 at Breckenridge? Patrick (my 13 year old) will be riding it for GS.....still blows my mind. We really look forward to seeing you.....alpiners are the best....few to no egos....just riding cause you love it.

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Guest dragon fly jones

Hey I have nothing but love for the G Team, Kent and Jessica, those are some of my favorite people.

Now Phil and Park City? Pissshhh. Nah, Phil is a stand up dude and knows his stuff.

Oldkey? Do I know you? These online handles are hard to keep track of.

Have good training leading up to USASA and expect some fun and BEER. Gotta celebrate a successful end to the comp year.


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very briefly in New Mexico last year. I'm just a dad with a kid that loves to carve. My 13 year old (Patrick Hanna) trains with Kent and Jess.....I introduced myself while you were loading out gear in front of the hotel early one morning before a comp. In his absence, Kent suggested that you, Phil and others were the ones to talk to......to learn and better understand the sport. Watching Patrick progress in this sport has been a blast. The comraderie within the alpine community is very appealing and the overall friendless substantial. We look forward to seeing everybody at Copper (just a tad larger hill than our beloved Hyland - 300 ft. vertical).

Matt Hanna

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