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When I see you carve a circle around a ski patroller, directing traffic, I'll be 100% convinced you carve almost the same on both setups

I will be riding this Thursday night at Creek (4:00 - 6:30). I hope you can get there so I can prove my point (really it's a circle) on soft setup. I will hopefully get up to Okemo this Sunday with my buddy Dennis. He and I will also prove my point up there. It can be done sic t 2, I've been doing them this past week on my soft deck. There is no difference what board I'm riding on any binding. With hard icy conditions, it is harder to do on a soft deck than it is on a hard one, but it's been done on both decks in all conditions.

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I was hoping you could do it.

I hit MC at least once midweek but its never before 7. Don't know how good the still digital will shoot video in the dark. But I will bring it to record the event if I can make it by some chance. A full carving 360 on softies is a sight to behold and I'm sure everyone here would like to see it.

Well, I guess there won't be much point in trying to record it after this weekend as you'll be riding at Okemo (and its bound to get recorded for all to see up here). I've spent a whole day riding with TonyZ at Okemo and let me just say that you are going to have the time of your life up there. I'll be looking forward to the ride report.


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