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**SOLD ** $300 Swoard Extremecarver 168cm Medium flex

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Swoard Extremecarver 3rd generation 168cm Medium flex. $300USD + shipping or best offer

Excellent condition, as I have only used it on rare occasions on perfect groomers early in the morning. It's been sitting in my locker for a few years, so it's time for me to get rid of it.




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    • By Shred Gruumer
      Ok  shoppers:
      For payment I can do a bunch of ways no problem:
      If you want to buy with a credit card I'll send a paypal invoice, or i can list on ebay an then pay with card that way!
      Email ME at: rthut2 at roadrunner dot kom
      I need to part with a special board...  a Custom Coiler Nirvana Energy with 7 Segmented Sidecut.  SCR is 10/12/11  20cm waist width..
      Stance is aprox using Bomber TD3  50cm to 58cm
      This was a spendy board as I had to buy the sidewall material and then ship it to Canadia as well.
      Only used two days in Montana.  shows minimal boot touching marks and binding placement marks..
      The base did pick up two small scratches about 8 inch long very minor but im a picky person...but I dont' have the pads and scotch brite to remove them...thought you should know...  don't know if the pics show it..
      Price is $725 plus shipping!!..OBO ......FOB is Cleveland (44140) and UPS ground is from $40 to about $85 out to Cali...

    • By Riccardo
      For sale
      Coiler AMT
      T 172 AM 21.5x11m 09RC1 6.9+4
      Great conditions, tuned this year
      I am 175cm tall (5'9") and 81kg (178lbs) with MP 27.5 boots
      Fast, stable, a great board, perfect even for beginners (like me ...)
      Bindings NOT included and NOT for sale 
      asking $349 + shipping

    • By Algunderfoot
      Just took delivery on this new thirst Powder Carver 181 and this board is simply gorgeous. While all six of my thirst boards show exceptional build quality, unique graphics with the 3-D textured nylon topsheet, this PC, in Candy Apple, is truly a work of art. The keyhole tail is fully fabbed, not saw cut, with fully wrapped edge around and inside the tails, properly sidewalled. The "hook"  should throw a rooster tail when in deep, and the tail is carbon fiber reinforced against breakage. The idea for the PC was to be a "Bucket List" board, the one board to bring when you can only bring one board. While every thirst model, (With the exception of the 9 SW) does well in powder, this model has powder in mind, obviously the tail provides the sink to allow the rider to stay in a normal stance/ position in bottomless freshies. Mark took his 40 some years of build experience to create a true groomer carver, incorporating his quasi-isotropic core, proprietary WARP sidecut and functional tip shape. While it may be awhile before I stretch her legs, I will be thinking much about just that.

    • By BlueB
      I took a drive to Chilliwack today and the surounding peeks were white! That's a good enough reason to start this year's thread 😁 
      Hopefully not too long before we see the white stuff on our mountain too! 
    • By Québec man
      Hello everyone. the summer season is in full swing and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. For me it's time to put my demo sale online. Most of them have not taken more than 2 days of use. They are all between 9/10 and 9.9 / 10 on the general condition. If a board interests you communicate with me by private message only. I will send you photos of the board that interests you.
      The buyer pays the transport costs. There is no deal left.

      Bonjour a vous tous. la saison estivale bat son plein et J'espère que vous en profitez au maximum. Pour moi c'est le temps de mettre en ligne ma vente de démo. Ils ont pour la plupart pas plu de 2 Jours d'utilisation . Ils sont tous entre 9/10 et 9.9/10 sur la condition génerale. Si Un Board vous interesse communiqué avec moi par message privé uniquement. Je vous ferai parvenir des photos du board qui vous interesse.
      L'acheteur paye les frais de transport. Il y a des deal a ne pas laisse passé.


      -185 GS w/c hard (12/21m) waist 19.7
      -185 GS w/c medium (12/21m) waist 19.7
      -180 GS w/c medium (12/19m) waist 20.5
      -162 SL w/c medium (7/12m) waist 19.5
      -157 SL w/c medium (7/11m) waist 18.9
      820$Can or 620$USD each

      -177 FC kevlar medium (9/12m) waist 19.0
      -177 FC kevlar medium (9/12m) waist 19.0
      -185 FC kevlar (13/21m) waist 22.9
      -169FC kevlar medium (9/13m) waist 19.2
      KEVLAR= 550 $Can or 410 $USD

      -175 Bulat fiberglass Hard (13,3m) waist 23.0 320$ Can or 250 $USD
      -175 Bulat titanal hard (13,3m) waist 23.0
      -175 Wide titanal soft (12/16m) waist 21.2
      TITANAL= 730 $Can or 550 $USD

      -165 BX med kevlar (10/15m) waist 24.5
      -158 BX med kevlar (8/13m) waist 24.5
      -154 BX med kevlar(7/12m) waist 24.5
      KEVLAR= 550 $Can or 410 $USD

      -145 BX med fibergass (8/15m) waist 24.5
      320$ Can or 250 $USD

      162 FS hard (10/12m) waist 25.2 (for big guy or agressive soft boot carver)
      550$ Can or 415 $USD
      Bindings not include...

    • By andrepierre
      I'm selling my almost brand new Swoard Dual 163cm. I've only used it 5 times. It's still in awesome condition and it has received a race tune-up. If you're looking for a great versatile board to do it all, this is the board for you. I'm getting rid of it because I don't need it, as I've already got two of them.
      $500(CAD) or $380(USD) +shipping

    • By Mig
      A little run on one of my Fullbag longboards, specificaly tuned for carving. We filmed this at sunset, late last fall, after an afternoon of slalom skateboard practice. First experiment filming with an iPhone on a gimbal. It was cold, sub zero celcius, thus the winter jacket and snowboard helmet. I will try to add more little clips of pavement carving on skateboards in this thread, once in a while.
    • By crote123
      rider: @redia
    • By Termin8tor
      The board is in like new condition sharp, clean, race grind, barely a scratch and ready to ride.  It has been sitting around as I’m usually on race gear.  First $450 takes it!

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