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Gabe T

Coiler Nirvana * Nuclear Energy Proto 173

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The hill around here closed at the end of March so I'm done for the season.

Most of the footage in this video was actually shot over a year ago in 2018.  This was a version of a Nirvana Energy dubbed the 'Nuclear' Energy at the time.  One of the characteristics of the design is a fairly large differential in sidecut between the nose and tail.  I think 10 at the front and 14 at the rear if I recall correctly.

The original thought behind the design/name was that it was going to provide some additional pop.  That intended feature was actually not that noticeable.  Yes, you could still get some pop out of it but I wouldn't say it was significantly more than some other Coiler designs.

Nevertheless, I found the board to be a lot of fun and actually spent quite a bit of time on it this past season.  I found it very versatile and playful.   It could handle faster bigger turns yet was nimble when things got crowded.   This T4 design performed well in firm choppy conditions, yet it was also a preferred board when the snow conditions were on the slow side; very easy to initiate at slower speeds.   I also found it fun in soft fresh bumpy snow in terms of being able to feather a slide using my lower body.



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Noticed a quite a few times you turn too far and end up going backwards....... Might wanna work on that 🤣🤣🤣

... I'm just jealous

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