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Free Stuff Needed 2


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There is some flatlander from Ohio begging for free stuff on another thread. Same guy that used to boast about all his toys?

I want free stuff too!

I'm an snowboard bum that lives in the mountains. I never gave up snowboarding to be a computer guy. I have recieved free stuff in the past for being a sick rider. But if a sob story about being out of work gets free stuff. Make one up for me as well, and sent me all the products you want I am in real need of a stiff boot in a 26.0 I have some great burton winds(25.5) that I am at least willing to trade!

Ya, un I gan preteend to havve roots from sumvere slavic awllsooo.

You know if it helps!

I am looking for donek, coiler, WCFP, proir, bomber, madd, secert team, raichle, F2, nidecker,burton race product(may be other super sick custom stuff as well) only all others will have nose raised at and snubed!;)

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