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bx 163 14,5 weight

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Could be between 50 and 100kg depending on who it was made for bruv

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Glad to hear you were able to figure out what you needed, but there's no need to call someone names.  Your post has been removed.  

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    • By bsp
      Lightly used slalom board. Oxess last year board . A ton of edge left!
      700$ plus shipping from the east coast

    • By mlang
      175cm Prior board with blue Catek OS2 bindings.
      Used 3-4 seasons by weekend snowboarder in Ontario.
      Was a custom board for a woman approximately 140lbs and 5' 6''.
      Great board for bordercross or intro to alpine.
      Sold as a package.
      Asking $200 USD + shipping. But really, make me an offer.

    • By Mellow Yellow
      Very good condition Oxess
      $800 USD shipped
      Board Specifications:
      Model: eXR174 Model year: 2013/2014 SN: 13033 Construction: Carbon Length: 1.74m Edge: 1.60m Radius: 13.0/19.0 m Min Width: 219 mm Stance: 510 mm Great board, I just prefer a skinnier waist. Never gets used and I need to make some room for some new toys. Bottom covered in storage wax. Has a few superficial top sheet marks that are posted below.

    • By Riccardo
      For sale
      Coiler AMT
      T 172 AM 21.5x11m 09RC1 6.9+4
      Great conditions, tuned this year
      I am 175cm tall (5'9") and 81kg (178lbs) with MP 27.5 boots
      Fast, stable, a great board, perfect even for beginners (like me ...)
      Bindings NOT included and NOT for sale 
      asking $349 + shipping

    • By Emdee406
      Has anyone raced or ridden the SBX course  at Big White, British Columbia?
      I’ve got a big race there next March, and I’m trying to get any insights...
    • By Cool-attack
      Hello to all hard-boots snowboarders

      I am Frederic, from France. I am happy to introduce you my brand of special freecarve snowboards, COOL ATTACK.

      The idea is to conciliate advantages of hard and soft bindings for carving: hard for precision and power, angles near softboots for feeling and comfort.

      Find there the introducing video. Hope you will enjoy it...

      Long life to hard-boots snowboard !!!
    • By tcrosby
      I have a donek saber 155 in excellent condition. The only reason I need to sell is for a bigger board for USASA nationals. 450 obo. 
    • By A.Leal
      I have two 159 oxess sbx boards with 12m sidecuta for sale. These boards were raced on the World Cup full time last year and have been extremely well maintained. These boards would be great for an up and coming nor am girl or boy. 
      Please let me know if you have any questions. 
      Asking $650 plus shipping.
      (Only one board left now)
      Please email me at austinleal at hotmail.com
      Photos attached below. 
    • By Even
      Original 1990 Burton Kelly Mystery Air from 1990 for sale. 
      Board has been used between 1990-2000 but stored indoors from 2000-today. Board shows some wear, but no big scratches, looking good considering its age. The aluminum (?) tip protection is showing some wear and needs a little TLC to reach peak condition. 
      Unkown/unoriginal binders. Can be removed before shipping if wanted. 
      More photos on request. 
      Board is on eBay, but will donate the same % to this site that eBay requests, if buyer wants to make the sale here. 
      Find the item on eBay.
      Price is negotiable. Shipping from Norway to US is roughly 60$, other countries on request. 

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