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Board case for travel.... what do you use?

Mellow Yellow

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The biggest problem with airlines is the desire to charge extra for overweight baggage. If you have three boards and other stuff in a bag, you may get hit for the fee. The lightest alternative for 3 boards is to get one of those ski tube type holders, and carry the bindings separately. Reliable Racing has a snowboard model that works great for alpine boards, but is too narrow for softboot stuff. Travelling by train or bus is not such a big deal, and those huge Burton or DaKine bags work great as carryalls.

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Sportube makes a snowboard hardshell case that unfortunately only extends up to 183cm. Their double ski cases are longer (207cm) but only 11" wide. Doesn't look like they have anything too suitable for the longboard crowd.

Anyone used one of these or seen any alternatives?



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Guest Randy S.

If you are only taking Alpine boards and can fit them in the Double Sportube ski thingy, that's a great choice. I bought the Dakine Dually and I like it a lot. Holds up to a 200cm board (but not my 210) and has wheels. It holds a ton of stuff.

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Rad Air makes a board bag for the 200cm tankers and they hold plenty of gear as well. It comes with two internal gear bags and a small misc bag. The case is also wheeled for rolling around the airport. I have had 5 boards (with bindings removed) and gear in one of the bags with no problems other than weight. Check it out at www.rad-air.com under the bags section.



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I'll second the Dakine dually. I can get 2 boards, my wifes skis and our riding gear, which serves as good padding. And the wheels for rolling thru the airport and such are great.

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I have had my dakine Dually for 4 sesaons now and have made it out to denver carrying the following all in the dually:

2 pair of cateks in the binding pouch (seperate):

Donek 205 18.5

Donek 205 17.5

Simms Burner 197 (sorry sean . . . its gone now!)

Donek 195

Donek 185

Donek 175

Donek Incline 163

and maybe even a volant 173 (dont remember)

a sleeping bag (wrapped the 185, 178, and 163 in the bag first)

my jacket and pants.

I had the 205's made as they are the limit in the dually. I was considering a 210, but at the time, could not find a good way to get a 210 out west, and unlike some of my friends, I travel with my boards. So, my board length is limited by my want to be able to travel easily.

I highly reccomend this bag, but the airport overage fees are rediculous. Its actually cheaper to ship your boards via Fed-ex then to pay the overage! Ship them to the hotel, let them know that they are comming, and they should be waiting in your room.

but on a more important note . .. to avoid overage fees between boston and denver, Fly United, use the credit card kiosk check-in, throw your bag on the belt, and most likely it wont get wieghed. Just make your bag look light (nice and tight, nothing hanging out, as small in size as possible . . .though it may be as dense as lead).

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Ja very gute advise! I have a Da kanin Dulley too awesome, just need veals! so I put rooler blade veals on it.

but for hadling longer, I get a Volkl padded ski bag handle liku up to 215 and carries two mit bindings or four with out dem.

Dat way day see ski at check in and don't hassle you like vith a snowboard bag!

If you get wieghed den put backpack under da end dat hangs out to lift it off da scale just a little bit, day don't notice. Plus dem dam tings are not calibrated and are off as much as 15lbs!

They should start enforcing people overage charges to, last flight back from Calgary, women took up half of my seat! needed two additional extensions, and ate the whole friggin time and made the women in front un-recline her seat so she could get the feeding tray under her chin!, yea it was a red eye to! I want to thank Helmet again for giving me that seat!

Let the eating season begin!

Ja Mari Kris Mass Dammit!

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