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Sg Bindings

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Got SG bindings for sale.

less then 10 days on snow. Got all the boxes, cant/lift sets.
Got both bail sets for UPZ/Deeluxe and MS/NW boots.
Ton of additional screws



$290 plus shipping.

slightly negotiable

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Wow nice! Someone pick these up. Always wanted to try them but my season is already over pretty much 😞

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8 hours ago, daveo said:

Wow nice! Someone pick these up. Always wanted to try them but my season is already over pretty much 😞

I grabbed them! Should go nice with my new socks! 

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cant go wrong with SGs.

I am selling only cause I am moving houses and have no place to store.

I am also reducing number of boards as you probably have noticed ;(

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    • By andrepierre
      Bomber TD3 Sidewinder bindings. $300USD + shipping.
      - Soft (yellow) E-pads and E-rings.
      - Comes with a 3° and a 6° cant discs.

    • By JRAZZ
      I've decided that the future lies with conventional bindings (plates of course, just not step-ins)
      TD2 Gold with steel step-in receiver, yellow elastomers, 0/3 degrees: SOLD
      TD2 with steel step-in receiver, purple elastomers, 0/3 degrees: SOLD
      F2 Titanium Intec step-in, I'll throw in whatever cats I have: SOLD
      Bomber Power Plates, red elastomers, 3/3 degree cants. These are new - as far as I can tell have never been ridden. SOLD
      I have an extra 0 deg plate and an extra 6 degree plate if anyone needs them.  SOLD WITH TD2s
      All gone. Thank you for playing "Let's fund Jordan's new board" 🙂
      Shipping is $15 for each if shipped conus (USPS flat rate medium box) 

    • By bsp
      ALMOST new SG 185 ready to go.
      only three days on snow

    • By jburk
      For sale is a pair of F2 Carve RS bindings, includes all parts and a second lift kit.   These will fit mondo sizes 22.5 - 31.5.  They're currently set up as small, but can be changed to large in less than 5 minutes; I'll re-size them before shipping if the buyer requests. 
      They only have about 5 days on them, ridden by my spouse who's a lightweight at #115, so these are pretty much in new condition.
      $150 plus shipping USPS Priority from Portland, OR, CONUS and PayPal only.  I'll also throw in a Pozidrive #3 bit if the buyer doesn't already have one.
    • By mlang
      175cm Prior board with blue Catek OS2 bindings.
      Used 3-4 seasons by weekend snowboarder in Ontario.
      Was a custom board for a woman approximately 140lbs and 5' 6''.
      Great board for bordercross or intro to alpine.
      Sold as a package.
      Asking $200 USD + shipping. But really, make me an offer.

    • By KB303
      As part of my return back into alpine riding, I'm very much in a mode of trying a bunch of new things. Sadly these bindings aren't right for me. Although I knew the lift was adjustable, I didn't realize they would be quite this flat. Frank said that 95% of their customers ride them in this configuration, which is a flat front (one block under both the toe and heel), and the rear has about a 1-degree lift as best as I was able to measure (one block under the toe, two blocks under the heel). Frank offered to send more blocks and longer screws if I felt I needed them. However I think it would take a fair bit to get to 3 degrees, and I'm now toying around with the idea of a 6-degree lift at least on the front (so considering some TD3s now). 
      I just have one day on this set. Unfortunately I experimented with too many variables at once, and my stance (and riding) was jacked. I'm guessing that's why the rubber pads on the toe piece incurred some damage because I was trying to steer madly with my feet. Besides that, the bindings and dampening pads are in the same condition as they were shipped. I feel badly about the rubber pads, and just want to recoup some of my money at this point.
      Purchased for $392. Selling for $225 including shipping in the US. 

    • By ricklince
      Any body using Maruelli tech bindings,,,M2VOISL........M2SPLKS.....or...LSM2????.....Any good?????
      or  Voile STS Tour ?????
      Thanks for your feed back.
    • By big canuck
      Brand new never mounted. 
      $285 USD shipped. Please email. PP F and F add 3% PP  getting screwed by PP lately on exchange
      kurt at bowcycle dot com 

    • By Riccardo
      These are F2 Intech RS
      Large MP 22.5 - 31.5
      Excellent conditions, have 15 days on them
      minor scratches at pin entrance locations
      Have 2 sets of lifts/cants and original box and documentation
      $190 + shipping
    • By Snurfer1982
      I'm trying to get myself up with a hardboot set up.  I was gifted a Pogo Shaman, and just bought some used UPZ10's off ebay (oops).  I was curious if anybody had some bindings they think would work well for me.  I took the 185 out with a softboot set up and was horribly humbled by a sloppy powder day.  I understand that i will be humbled again by this learning process, but was curious if you all had any suggestions/equipment that you think would help me on my path.
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