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New ride --new bindings-----helpppppp


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I need some advice here guys---not many people ride hard boots here in Vernon----only a few of us....I have ridden plates for about 6 yrs now----recently went from a rossignol race 173--riding flat with no cants (had burton race and my plastic plates were for burton boards and wouldnt fit) to a Coiler 184 pure race with catek bindings--ive been out only 2 days and not real sure on how to set up the cants on the cateks(i have them canted just not sure if its right--my front leg is burning out real fast specially on traverses---very unusual for me--NEVER happened with my other bindings)--i have the little bolts on the insides of the binding canted inwards back more than the front foot...should i go back to riding flat or do i just need to get used to this----i could rip my rossignol with no pain--i must have these bindings set up wrong-----also what angles is everyone running???

thanks alot for the help=====conditions in vernon are wicked come on up!!!!!!!!!!

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I run bombers with 0* front and 3* rear. I used to run flat before the bombers with burton step ins. I also ran a 6* rear some time ago but it was a little too much for me. BTW, you should be able to find 4x4 adapters for your burtons. Be sure to check your burton mounting disks frequently. I had one break into many pieces and rode it for an unknown amount of time. The only thing holding it together was the bevel around the edge of the disk.

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I just went did almost the exact same change. Rossi 171 to a Burton FP 185; no cant and Burton bindings on the Rossi to Cateks on the FP.

Tip #1. Start with the Catek bindings on your Rossi first. It's damn hard to do two new things at once.

Tip #2. Always keep the tools on you to make random on hill adjustments. (Just keep playing with the cant and lift all the time.)

Tip #3. Ridding with 0* takes different technique (at least for me) than ridding with cant and lift. Try to find someone who can tell you what's going on.

Hope that helps.


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