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The Compound in Revelstoke is hosting a carving session this season, and hopefully for many seasons to come.  This is the first annual Revelstoke Applied Carving Expression Session (The RACES). 

Hey Barry, Was that confusing?  You were formerly a member of BOL and you are now a current member of ASB right?  Should I have written instead: "anyone who was a member of the now defunct BOL"? 

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To be clear, the Chinese Downhill will happen on The Last Spike: a 9 mile long, slow flat summer road which winds down 5600 vertical feet.  No high speeds, no crazy antics.  Fast wax, a good tuck position and advanced drafting technique will win this one.  I run this thing every day and never get passed.  Gauntlet thrown...

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2 hours ago, Keenan said:

They still have one every year at Anthony Lakes, Oregon.  Have you never seen "Hot Dog"?


"not on zis side, not on zat side but right in zee meedle."

... at least once a season since '92

now if it was king of the MOUNTAIN MOUNTAIN MOUNTAIN  I'd kick ass, my black diamond beer handling skills are legendary

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I got here last night. I'm staying in James' magnificent loft at The Compund with a view of the mountain! James rode this morning and said that the cord was superb.  It's been snowing lightly on & off all day. A mix of sun & cloud is forecast for Fri & Sat. I knee'ded a rest today so hit the Revy aquatic center: hot tub, pool, sauna, steam. I plan to ride tomorrow and Saturday, then drive to Libby Sunday.

Had a very tasty sandwich & IPA at the Village Idiot bar & grill in town. Their pizza looks really good with handmade crust.

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Rode with Dave and Crack on Friday at RMR.  Sweet hill!  There was a bit of fluff over some nice grooming.  Crackaddict showed us around before he had to go down to take care of some life details.  Got separated from Dave, and actually found him again!  (not a small achievement as Revelstoke's hill is huge.)  Crackaddict recommended "Pitch Black" a top to bottom sort of linked up black diamond cruiser that had mostly been groomed in totality.  Delivered as promised steep and long (something like 5000 vertical feet no cat roads).  Decided to take a kick at the can when I got separated from Dave and managed to do the whole thing with only one real fiasco to disturb my relaxed carving state - it got a little flat lighted in a cloud where the run splits around a tree island.  Totally did not see the moguls between the groomed passes around the island.  Managed the rest with only 3 huffing and puffing breathing stops!  Well before I got lost.

Rode my latest creation:  a 193 all mountain board with 158 ee, 23.8 wide, 11 meter (averaged) sidecut radius. Worked really well especially as the little bit of fluff soon became push-piles....  It'll be available for demo at the MCC.  Photos soon...It's the one on the left. 






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I headed up to Revelstoke to ride with @crackaddict after MCC. 

This is a great carving mountain! While the MCC powder was epic, it sure was nice to get on some firm groom and rip. There are steep black runs, nice blues, and wide greens - something for everybody. Even on the Sunday of President's Day weekend, the lift lines weren't too long once you got up out of the village. 

I hope to do the R.A.C.E.S. next year and then head to MCC.

Comment of the day: A skier comes over to us at the side of a run while we're deciding where to go next and makes a comment about how graceful James' carves were. Then he looks at me and says I'm almost as good as James. 😉 I'll take it! 

The drive from Revy to Calgary with a full moon and very light fog was stunningly beautiful too. Everything had a surreal glow that was very ethereal. 

Thanks again, James! 

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Some how I missed this link:

That's so cool what you are doing.
In my younger day:  I read about it and always fantasied about travel the world be it woking the country side of France Vineyard or in a communal.
Never thought people actually made it happen.
I did made it on a fishing boat and see Alaska/West Coast for a summer and then joined the Corp America thing even since....

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