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FS: SG, Coiler, Apex. Help me fund a new board.

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So kind of a sad day, I've decided to finally pull the trigger on a custom Oxess, which essentially means I've got a handful of boards and not enough legs nor monies. So the plan was to wait until 2020 to buy the Oxess and to put a Vistflex plate on it. But @pokkis decided to ruin that plan by selling me his Vistflex plate. So I blame him for this. Jokes, he is a legend, thanks again. I'm home this week, so I figured I'd get the photos done. I'm selling both the new items for significantly less than I spent, but hey, that's life, and I think the Coiler is a nice price for whoever wants it.

I'll be donating $10 from each sale to ASB.

1. Coiler Nirvana VCam 178cm. Titanal construction. Matte black carbonium topsheet. 19cm waist. 12-14m VSR sidecut radius. 16mm taper. Made for a 180lbs rider. Ridden exactly 20 days. Topsheet 8/10 (some little lift line nicks), base 9/10 (because not new, although can't see any imperfections), edges 10/10 never been touched and not dinged. Been stored with storage wax on the base, upright in a dry place and very little surface rust that I can see. I bought it new from Bruce and it rides exactly as you would expect. Sells new for CAD930, asking $450. SOLD.

2. Brand New SG Full Carve 170. Took delivery of this earlier in the year. Never ridden. Never even had bindings mounted. I did, however, stick that Apex sticker on because I thought I was cool doing so. I can easily remove that. After I rode my friend's one for a couple of runs this year, I just had to have one. I would say it compares favourably to my Kessler 168 (and that's saying a lot). So, I bought one. And now, I sell one ?. Sells new for EUR689, asking $550. SOLD.

3. Brand New Apex X Plate 4x4. Apparently this is a stiffer than usual version. I can actually somewhat flex it with my hands, so I'm not 100% sure what the regular plate is like, but I'm guessing this is stiffer. It comes with 8 bumpers instead of the regular 4. Comes with everything I got with it. Instruction manual, 4mm hex key, 10mm and 12mm bolts and obviously all necessary mounting hardware. Bought this because I have an Apex Race V2 and Geckos and love them both. So, why not eh? Sells new for CAD1200, asking $650. SOLD.

Shipping is $50 for the boards and $30 for the plate. Add apx $0-$10 for shipping to Canada depending on location.

FULL DISCLOSURE: If there is interest for this stuff, I will pack them individually and ship them all to the US at once, once they are landed, I'll take payment for whoever buys them and they will be shipped individually to whoever wants them. Payment only to be sent once the boards are in the US and ready to be sent, not before. So if you are interested, let me know, and I can reserve you what you are interested in (no obligation to buy). Shipping to the US, takes 7 days and then it takes 1-7 days from there to you, depending on your location.




Coiler Nirvana VCam 178cm:





Brand New SG Full Carve 170:





Brand New Apex X Plate 4x4:







Packed up and ready to go:





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OMG that SG is SO very tempting Dave.......  resist,  I must resist! :smashfrea

Great photos!...... and I must say your nails are impeccable :eek: 

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Well, that's embarrassing. I've somehow managed to showcase my princess looking fingernails in 90% of the photos ?.

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SG spoken for, by @Kneel


*With a tear in his eye, @daveo queues up "The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony"*

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11 minutes ago, charliechocolate said:

Sent you a PM.

Negative soldier, no PM here.


Edit: Wait, I lied. PM received!

Edited by daveo

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Added a few more photos. Items safely packed up and ready to go.

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As an owner of both a 170 SG Full Carve and a 178 Coiler VCam (which I only got at the beginning of last season), I must say these are both AWESOME boards and you guys got a great deal! The SG is so poppy and fun and I love to ride early and late season, with the 178 VCam for the main part of the season when we have good snow coverage. Both just lovely boards - well done everyone! ?

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Apex spoken for, by @slapos

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Will do!

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7 hours ago, SkoonyMcGroomer said:

I would like to purchase the coiler,  if it is still available, 

I'll let you know if the sale falls through.

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4 hours ago, SkoonyMcGroomer said:

Just let me know, if/when tht happens. Thanks!

I'll let you know what happens either way!

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  • Similar Content

    • By Jack M
      I asked @Bruce Varsava at Coiler to simply tell me more about these new "Contra" shapes.  Well if you've met Bruce you know you're gonna get everything you ask for and then some!  One thing led to another and now I have taken delivery of two demo units to test in December.  A 174, 20.5cm, avg 12.5m, and a 166, 20cm, avg 10.5m.  I'll compare to my custom Kessler 175/20.5/10-14, and my stock Kessler 168/20/8-12.  Those Contra sidecut numbers need explanation.  Here was the gist of the email thread with Bruce, posting with his permission:
      The Contra was designed from scratch as a board to handle a wide range of snow that we get from climate issues. It actually uses a lot of designs from previous freecarve models but puts them together in a unique package.
      Softer mid and tail allow for excellent ice grip and control on steeps. Bit stiffer nose punches through crud nicely. Sidecuts are different - not nearly as nose-grabby, and with less bouncing. Turns are altered more through angulation than fore/aft movement although a bit of that still helps. Kinda like but not quite an elliptical sidecut.

      Been working on them for about a year with help from the Montucky bros. Testing has confirmed that they work extremely well. I was out on a few occasions in rather shitty stuff and didn't realize how bad it was until I got on a Nirvana which is not too bad of a board but these surpass them quite easily especially in less than ideal snow. I was definitely bouncing around more on the Nirvana. .
      The Contra uses a mid tight sidecut similar to an elliptical but we have extra goodies thrown in here and there. @johnasmo is the real genius behind these sidecuts and has a system in place which allows for super consistent design and therefore consistent feel throughout the entire line. 
      The Contra really gives the feeling that all parts are working in complete unison. First ride on one I immediately noticed it had a clean raceboard feel in a board that turns tight and biggest bonus is it works well in a stupid wide range of snow. I have had a few instances where I started a day on a Contra then went back to a traditional board and could not believe how shitty the conditions were. Get this feedback from a lot of riders. They just eat up the crappy snow we get all the time now. Grip is stupid high also as they seem to just hang onto almost anything.

      I bet you wonder how this all started (-:
      Each part of the Contra I have done before although the new sidecuts are a lot more involved. Never did all these things in one board so that was the goal to blend it all together. After seeing that a few other builders were designing boards with a mid tight sidecut and getting good results, I figured it was time to get to work on the freecarve boards. Last 4 seasons I was actually working on softboot and BX stuff which really required me to up the game in regards to my design system as softy boards are actually a bit more complicated to design. Softies are a great success story for me, sold very few raceboards last season and a lot of softboot boards so the design time was well spent. Now that the softy program is up to date, I used the new design system to work on the Contra and it took all of three prototypes to get a really nice board. I had to experiment with different ways to control stiffness along with the type of stiffness and when you get it right, it is exceptionally good. 
      Reality is most guys need the easy rider boards which the Contra excels at. Not to say it isn't great for more skilled riders as it is,  especially when it allows you to ride hard in sub ideal conditions.  
      Contra sidecuts are a bit more involved so we just use one radius to describe them. However, the actual number to suit your needs has to be a bit tighter than what we are used to referencing from previous boards.
      The reason is that they like to stretch a turn better than tightening one so you simply get a tighter sidecut which will happily go faster and be plenty stable. I would say on average you go with .5 to 1m tighter than what you would normally want from any of my previous designs. 
      Most popular has been a 12.5m  so I'll go with that for the 174 demo. The 166 is a real sweet board with the 10.5m. One of my favorites!
      Some other exciting news as I just secured an autoclave which will allow me to use the hi end pre-preg carbon/glass similar to what a certain European manufacturer who makes a lot of black boards uses (-: 
      An autoclave is a heat/pressure vessel which is what they use to press their boards. Unfortunately, the Covid issues have slowed this project down as I have not even been able to pick up the Autoclave yet. 
      My only problem is I am old! Elbow just gave out yesterday and I'm starting to sound like a broken record complaining about injures but I'm a few weeks away from 59 yrs old and it is the reality of a lot of hard mileage on my joints. Held up better than hoped for last season just finished which was a surprise as I did about 95 boards since Sept. Plan is to do about 80 boards next season as I am supposed the be off now till Sept.
      With the pandemic on the go, no golf so I have been busy making up a few stock Contra's which will be available in fall. 
      As of writing this I already have about 60 of the 80 orders for next season but won't be starting those till fall. 
      Can I golf now, puuuulllleeeez!
    • By Québec man
      Coiler ECVC 174
      practically new ... was used only 5 days in total. FOR BIG RIDERS (185lbs and up) a unique piece.  Base was wax
      $ 475 USD + shipping.

    • By Surf Quebec
      Coiler Nirvana Energy 170
      Waist 20cm, sidecut radius 12-14m
      Inscription on the sidewall: 170 NFC 013 6.4+5
      Base has been ground only once.
      I'm the only owner, board in good condition and has been ridden rarely in the last 5 years.
      Topsheet have normal light scratches, one nick at the tail
      Bindings and shipping not included.
      400$ + shipping

    • By timbox18
      Coiler Nirvana Energy 174 - Snake Graphic
      Nose 25.5cm, Waist 20cm, Tail 24.5cm, Insert Spacing 46cm/48cm/50cm, SCR ?
      Inscription on the sidewall: T 174 NFC 013 CDB 6.4+5
      Purchased from @pmorita last season.  Rode it twice last season, and once this season... Not getting along with it.  I feel more comfortable on wider boards...
      Topsheet have normal light scratches, light binding residue where mounted.  Base has light scratches, and very faint base suck under inserts.  Light tarnishing on edges at nose/tail.  Used once after waxing this season.  Edges should to be sharpened to your liking...
      $350 + shipping
      Board is in NYC.  Local pickup can be arranged also...


    • By hknz
      I asked Bruce to build me a board in 2018 summer. My planned board is shorter, narrower and tighter in 160 x 19 x 12m to 165 x 20.5 x 12/13m. Finally, Bruce and I decided to make it longer, wider and faster. Therefore the produced board is ECVC 168 x 21 x 12.5/13.5m for my 168cm/135lb. I also ask my 3 years old daughter to paint the custom graphic for me.

      Riding History
      The board arrived in early 2019 in excellent build quality and the superb graphic is eye catching. It encarved "T 168 ECVC -6.2+9". I ride 4 days and 18/19 season. The board is damp and smooth which gave me courage to learn EC. Unfortunately, I twist my ankle of the back foot due to old boots being too large and riding too happy. I bought the new MS951 boots in the end of last season and have rode 15 full days in two trips in this 19/20 season. 19 days in total. Is it too late to post it in New Board Porn now?
      The flex hits the sweet spot for my weight. And I particularly like the stiff nose. The board likes me to put pressure on the nose. I think I only had one not-so-serious nose dive in poor snow condition when there is a small pond of soft snow in the middle of groom run and I put too much pressure on front leg. Which is better than my other board with soft nose. I feel the board flex is quite constant from tip to tail. I feel confident, comfortable, stable & easier laying down carving even the slope is a bit uneven and curd. The length, width & radius are all to my taste. But if you ask me to do it again, I will probably make it longer in 170/175cm.
      I feel wider stance width is less tiring. Therefore, I gradually increase the stance width from 45,46,47,48,49 to 50cm and will try to reduce it to 48 in my next trip. I also moved the binding to the front by ~0.5cm. I ride 52.5/47.5, 51/48 or 54/48. I am still trying to find the best setting.

      EC Performance
      I ride softboots for about 10 years, hardboots for 4 years. I am quite satisfied with my front side for the moment (though still has rooms for improvement). While my backside turn initiation is always a bit late, together with putting too much pressure on front leg (especially when the board return uphill), chatter happens often. Once chatter or the lost edge, my butts touch the ground for 1 or 2 second before regaining the edge. My pants and jackets are totally torn in less than 10 days because my riding style is everyday from first ride (8:30) to end of lift (16:30) without lunch for 7.5 days in a trip! (see attached image). After all, I learn a lot in this board and rectify my bad habit. Love it!

      EC on 15-18 degree slope is ok. It is quite exhausted and tiring for EC on 19-25 degree slope. Perhaps, I will probably ask Bruce to made me a longer board?
      Another problem is that the MS951 is still a bit too stiff for pull-push though heavily modified. And riding without tongue is just too scary.
      I just found that the frontside edge, near front foot, has a 1mm dent at the edge corner. Finger can feel easily. However, I couldn't notice it when riding. It may be caused by skiers crash or hidden stone. Should I do something about it?
      If you are a lightweight EC rider like me, I recommend Coiler ECVC to you.
      Question is welcome. Cheers!!
    • By bsp
      ALMOST new SG 185 ready to go.
      only three days on snow

    • By Shred Gruumer
      Ok  shoppers:
      For payment I can do a bunch of ways no problem:
      If you want to buy with a credit card I'll send a paypal invoice, or i can list on ebay an then pay with card that way!
      Email ME at: rthut2 at roadrunner dot kom
      I need to part with a special board...  a Custom Coiler Nirvana Energy with 7 Segmented Sidecut.  SCR is 10/12/11  20cm waist width..
      Stance is aprox using Bomber TD3  50cm to 58cm
      This was a spendy board as I had to buy the sidewall material and then ship it to Canadia as well.
      Only used two days in Montana.  shows minimal boot touching marks and binding placement marks..
      The base did pick up two small scratches about 8 inch long very minor but im a picky person...but I dont' have the pads and scotch brite to remove them...thought you should know...  don't know if the pics show it..
      Price is $725 plus shipping!!..OBO ......FOB is Cleveland (44140) and UPS ground is from $40 to about $85 out to Cali...

    • By IronmanPhil
      Selling my quiver including boots due to a job relocation to Southern California.  Taking up surfing.
      Coiler Monster in good condition but does have a few topcoat scratches.
      Coiler VSR in prefect shape.  Used about 10x at most.
      Donek Proteus flawless, used only once (literately!) is the original carving board and still one of the best.
      Two (2) pair TD3 Sidewinder Step-in's - the best binding on the planet!
      Deeluxe Boots, size 11.5.  Will add pics shortly with details.
      First reasonable offer accepted and will have to ship from SoCal.

    • By Riccardo
      For sale
      Coiler AMT
      T 172 AM 21.5x11m 09RC1 6.9+4
      Great conditions, tuned this year
      I am 175cm tall (5'9") and 81kg (178lbs) with MP 27.5 boots
      Fast, stable, a great board, perfect even for beginners (like me ...)
      Bindings NOT included and NOT for sale 
      asking $349 + shipping

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