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Moon & Carve Session, 16th & 17th February 2019

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Dear Raceboarder/Extremecarver

What a joy !

The date of the next Moon&Carve session is fixed. At the 16th & 17th February 2019 the Moon&Carve session is held the second time at the winter sports area of Elsigen-Metsch, Frutigen at the Metschalp in beautiful Switzerland.

The following manufacturers will be there: Oxess, Goltes, Kessler, Plasma, Mountain SlopeSense.

As usual you will find detailed information about the event on our Moon&Carve Homepage:

The event is organized by local raceboarders. Because we are no commercial organisation and the event is free for all participants, we are thankful for all PR. We would be glad if you spread the good news and give us a like 👍.

We're already looking forward to have a cool session with you!

Ride Hard
The Moon&Carve Team

web: http://www.moon-and-carve.com
news: https://www.facebook.com/MoonAndCarve/
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It was a cool session. Two super days in the ski area Elsigen-Metsch.
Best conditions, great test material, instructive workshops and many satisfied faces.

Moon&Carve at its best!

Thanks to all participants, manufacturers and helpers 😍😘


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And for all of you who weren't there, a glance of our super hardbooter session at best conditions, this time in motion pictures:


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    • By yamifumi
      I have 2 boards for sale. 162cm & 174cm.
      Kessler 162cm: this is a slalom board. I am not exactly sure on SCR but I am assuming it is in the range of 7-12m variable SCR. There is cosmetic scratches on top sheet. I actually recently bought this board but I have new board coming in so I need to lighten up the load. This has 20cm waist. Flex is comparable to normal slalom board.
      PRICE: $OLD
      Kessler 174cm: there are moderate vist rash and other type of plate rushes. There are also some indentation due to use of plates but none of it affects how it rides. This board is considered to be GS board but I am not sure the SCR. I am assuming it is in the range of 10-16m variable SCR. This has 19cm waist. Flex is softer than 162. Has nick on the bottom sheet that does not affect the ride at all. It has good structural grind done by professional, hence base is fast. 
      PRICE: $OLD
    • By bsp
      Lightly used slalom board. Oxess last year board . A ton of edge left!
      700$ plus shipping from the east coast

    • By Mellow Yellow
      Very good condition Oxess
      $800 USD shipped
      Board Specifications:
      Model: eXR174 Model year: 2013/2014 SN: 13033 Construction: Carbon Length: 1.74m Edge: 1.60m Radius: 13.0/19.0 m Min Width: 219 mm Stance: 510 mm Great board, I just prefer a skinnier waist. Never gets used and I need to make some room for some new toys. Bottom covered in storage wax. Has a few superficial top sheet marks that are posted below.

    • By bucky
      Kessler 171 
      Great GS board for young or lighter racer, storage was on base
      This board has been raced quite a bit, but still in good condition for the price.
      $325 US plus shipping
      PM if interested

    • By Squid628
      Like the title says, Kessler 171 board.  Bought it a couple of seasons ago and just haven't ridden it much.  It was a spare board for a racer out of Steamboat, apparently.  You can see in the pictures the top sheet has marks from the K-plate they had on it and a few dings from just being used.  The base is in good shape, you would probably want to put a fresh tune on it for racing, but it is certainly ready for just going out to carve.  The edges have a little surface rust because I got lazy after the last time I took it out.  I can clean them up and iron on some fresh wax before it goes out.  I would like to get $600  $500 plus shipping for it.  I think that's fair considering how little I used it and what I paid for it.  If you feel differently, please feel free to make an offer.  Thanks for your interest.

    • By Emdee406
      Kessler SL 162, awesome board. Great condition other than one gate dink on the nose. Base is perfect, (storage waxed)  it hasn’t been ridden much. 
      $400 + postage 

    • By Emdee406
      Kessler 171 in ‘good’ condition, base is perfect. Currently covered in storage wax. 
      Standard off-the-shelf model, not a custom. 
      $350 + postage. 

    • By ronagliati
      my friends, can anybody tell me how much weight has a bx 163, 14,5 - carbon - OXESS????
    • By skategoat
      This is formerly Caroline Calve's board made for her by Kessler just before she retired in 2015. Mark Fawcett and I rode it to test plates in 2016. Since then, it's been sitting in a closet. Tried to flog this on some racing groups but it's all about All-flex there.
      Inserts for ASIP/UPM and 4x4 19.5cm waist Mint shape with World Cup tune and structure Caro weighed 74 kg (163 lb) when competing but she's a World Cup athlete so judge accordingly.
      I personally found this very easy to ride (and I ride like a 10 year old girl). I also witnessed Fawcett charging hard on it. Bottom line is it's a very versatile board without the intimidation factor of a 185. 

    • By Comapedrosa
      Hi, I’m already thinking about my next acquisition for *next* season. The boards on my shortlist are the Sperconductor and the 168 - both seem to earn glowing reviews from all you sages and super athletes. How should I think about this trade off?
      As for more infor about me: my quiver includes a Donek Monster, a Coiler Stubby v2, and an older Swoard... I’ve been carving since 1991, but still suck at it :-). Live on the West Coast now and am looking for something that makes the medium carve as easy as possible for me (not slalom nor giant). I like the liveliness of the Monster, but also the stability and steadfast hold of Coiler...
      Thx so much for you thoughts!
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