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Donek Rev 175, Price Drop


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For sale is a Donek Rev 175. I had this board made for 150lbs, with a slightly modified waist (19.5cm) and sidecut (11-17m). The edges are set at 1/2 degree for the base and 2 degrees for the side. The nose and tail were personally detuned by Sean.

The board was used for 1 year and has about 60-70 days on it, and still rides great. It has been base ground once before, but could probably use another. The topsheet has a few marks near the tail, and one on the nose but they are all cosmetic. The edges still have about 75% of their life left.

This board would be perfect for a younger or lighter competitor looking for a gs board. 

I'm looking for $500 $450 $400 plus shipping. For more pictures, or questions or inquires, please email me at drew.ellison1 @ gmail.com



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    • By Jack M
      Listing for Chrissy Hamel, who runs the USASA Maine Mountain Series.  I know this board has seen light use and is in great shape.
      $200 plus shipping

    • By Jack M
      Outstanding board, used about 15 days.  Selling because it's a little too close to my latest custom 180, and the wife says I need to clean out the closet! 
      10-14m KST sidecut.  20.5cm waist. 48-58cm stance width range. Similar turn shape as a 168, just 2m longer radius range, and 6cm longer length.  That is to say, this is not a straight-tail racer, but a great freecarver that will finish the turn.  Very exciting ride.  Swiss hand-made for me at 185lbs in May 2018. Factory thumbprint base grind. Factory edge bevels at 2 side, 0.8 base. Base has not been ground, edges have only been touched up with a diamond stone. Will wax before shipping. Superficial base scratches only. P-tex topsheet condition is very good. No damage. I have about $1800 into it after import tax and shipping.  Letting go for $1250 shipped to the 48 states.  I will pay the first $50 for shipping elsewhere.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

    • By Denis Lafrance
      SOLD---------------COILER STUBBY V2,  2019 , 175 LONG 20 CM WIDE 13/14m SIDECUT
      Bought the board brand new in 2019 with magnificent snakeskin deco with top carbonium, base look as it was new, no scratch or dig.  Its short overall length with comparatively long effective combined with a moderately speedy sidecut is a potent combo for all around fun. It's a super fun ride which can handle a lot of your daily carving duties. If you want to carve while dragging your elbow in the snow this is your board. Really look like a brand new board.
      595$ + shipping 

    • By C310 Crowbar
      Looking for Palmer PLS or Donek risers for my soft board.
      Help me achieve a life without heel drag. 🙂
    • By GeoffV
      Donek Flux for sale in great condition.
      Donek Flux
      Length: 170cm
      Waist: 24.5cm
      Sidecut: 9-10.5m
      $450 + shipping

    • By donekdestroyer
      Here is my beloved custom Donek Incline, specced out by Sean @ Donek himself. It's an aggressive carving/powder board that I bought as my main board last month in November 2020. 
      It's in great condition, there are no big scrapes/chips and I took very good care of it. It's really wide (29.5) so if you have big feet (11+) this is a great board for you. The reason I'm selling it is because I realized that it's a bit too long for the type of riding I want to do this season. Other than that I love it. It lays down carves like no other.
      Model: Donek Incline
      -165cm Length
      -29.5cm Waist Width
      -Sidecut: 9-11cm (VSR)
      -Custom Hammerhead Shape (Nose & Tail)
      -Stiffness: 8/10
      -Pure Camber
      $800 OBO - Let me know for offers and trades

    • By JRAZZ
      Donek Saber 155 (8-11) $150 SOLD
      Stiff stiff board. Very fast and damp. Looks all kind and fuzzy but it's not. This is one very fast board that is not easy to ride but is very rewarding. The topsheet is chewed up a bit on but the base and edges are in fantastic shape. Has a nice structure too!
      Bindings are Salomon Quantum. $85
      These have been used and abused. They're still just as stiff even though the cable that runs around it is not connected. I have a feeling that the cable is just for show anyway. The straps are in great condition and so are the highbacks.
      $225 together
      * buyer pays shipping - price is what it is.
      Unfortunately the dog is not for sale. I wish he was. However, he has decided to be abnormally cute (smarter than he looks) and therefore has been taken off the market. 


    • By dirk109
      (1) Pilot 152 New 
      (2) Metal FC New SOLD
      (1) Proteus 175 New SOLD
      (1) Rev 175 New SOLD
      18/19 Year.
      Name your price! Looking to move!
    • By Modobigdog
      157 DONEK incline. Will text pic if interested. Dale 707-396-0591
    • By forf.dawg
      I am selling a new, never used 2019 Thirst Superconductor 7.1 WARP.
      175cm length
      19.0cm waist width
      H35/41.75 389 U4 4DR
      Stance spread 52cm
      LFF .291
      Specific questions are best answered by Mark (from Thirst boards) himself @ 208-929-2285
      Serial # 11MAR19 0056
      Sun Surface topsheet.
      Asking $800 OBO
      I have other items for sale and am willing to bundle. PM for Details
      Stored indoors with care in it's "baby blanket" shipping sleeve.
      text: 307-349-8630
      email: forrest.sawyer7@gmail.com

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