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good boots for hard racing snowboard..?

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hi guys,


recently I have decided to learn how to snowboard and I have a old snowboard like 10 years old but it's a racing snowboard. It's Fanatic brand, 180cm (5.9). I'm 186cm.


I am using the ski boots from my ski but they are not very good fitting my legs.


If you can see it in the picture, it looks like they are loose at the top. (they are fitted on maximum but there is a lot of space for my hand to freely enter the space)


I was reading this forum for a while and I understand that I shouldn't be using the ski boots for snowboard.



My question is: is there any good boot what I can use on the snowboard and also for skiing?



Or, because I am just a beginner, should I buy some board with the soft bindings?



Also, I tried a freestyle snowboard with a soft binding, but the shoe (it was from a rental) was a loose at the top.


Shouldn't be the shoe firm on the top?



thanx for your advices .)




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Blue B?

You can stuff some closed cell  foam in there to fill the gap and with a Velcro booster strap, which you can make yourself you can close the gap.

Where are you in Europe?

What bindings are you using? How wide is board? What angles are you using?

Usually it is easier to learn with a boot that is not to stiff.

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Those boots look to be very soft-flexing (I think it says 60-70 flex on the cuff, but I can't quite make it out). You can change where the cuff buckles mount, either by drilling new holes, or using ones provided. That will allow the cuff to close down further. Maybe that'll do the trick. Foam and/or a "spoiler" (wedge at the top rear of the cuff) might be necessary in addition if the cuff still won't close down far enough.

While you're at it, check the overall fit as follows.

Remove the liners ("inner boots") from the boots and put your bare foot in the plastic outer shell. By sliding your foot forward and backward in the shell, gauge how much free space there is. You want less than about 10 mm total (or if it's a thick liner, maybe a little more). About 5 mm is a good goal if you're purchasing boots. It may well be that your boots are simply way too big. That's extremely common as far as I've been able to judge. It makes it very hard to control the board (or the skis for that matter). If that's the issue, you should get some smaller boots (for skiing and boarding).

Tons of information about getting boots to fit is available from forum member BeckmannAG's site: see especially


When you get that somewhat worked out, you may want to look at the article on alignment.

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@digger jr - eastern europe :/ shop guys have no clue that they should remove inner boots when testing boot in the shop..


bindings: fritschi

Fanatic GS-LTD180 but even google have found NOTHING...


@teach - it's an old boots so no problem with drilling a new holes, I will check it later and do you have any tips what Foam to use to fill that space..?


it is true that not so firm may be better for learning but for me, it is very hard to control the board with so loose boots...

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+1 for checking the shell size as explained by teach. I'd say that 15-18 mm of air behind your heel is still acceptable, but if it's more than that, you should hunt for smaller shells.

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17 hours ago, fanatic said:






it is true that not so firm may be better for learning but for me, it is very hard to control the board with so loose boots...

Yes soft flex ok.  Loose at the top bad. Heel lift bad. 

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