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Señor Chuggs


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I'm planning to go to Roundtop or possibly Liberty with some friends on Saturday Feb 6th.  I'm fairly new to snowboarding in general.  This will probably be my ~15th day on a snow hill across 3 seasons.  I've been on hardboot gear since last season.  I would really dig the opportunity to ride with other people and hopefully step up my own riding.

I wish I could go to Blue on the 12th :/   ...(un?)fortunatly I just took a pretty sweet Snowshoe vacation, and can't afford to take off another weekday.

If anyone's gonna be around please post up! :biggthump

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Hola Senor Chuggs

I see where your post is kinda old. But given the scarcity of leisure-time hardbooters around here I thought I'd reply to it anyway. If you're in Bmore then that means I'm based between you and Liberty / Whitetail. I'm going into my 3rd season in hardboots. I'm good for about 30 local outings a year. Liberty is my go to spot for midweek, post-work riding. 

Locally I've seen a few dudes riding in hardboots but I get the impression we're few and far between. I'm not connected to the racing world so for all I know there may be a throng of local hardbooters who spend their weekends standing around our local hills wearing a Spyder suit and leaning on a Kessler. In total, I think I've counted maybe a dozen different hardboot riders on the local slopes in the past few seasons.  But personally I only know two or three folks around here who ride alpine just for the fun turns.

If you want to meet up please do send me a message. I'm not always good about checking the forum so the best way to reach me is by email or text. I'll PM you my contact info. 



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