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Yes, twice now.  Weren't you there either opening day or a few days after?  I swear I saw your board in the rack.

Thin thin thin, especially the bottoms of Schatzi and Matterhorn.  Only J7 was open.  Snow quality was pretty good but look for the twigs!  I'm assuming the weekend and today's storm helped quite a bit, and hopefully opened J4/6.  I was on 2 sticks on opening day and softies a week later.  Hardboots for me at MMSA the rest of my time up there.  I guess I somehow missed @wgarrow and @John Gilmour while I was up there for three weeks.

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Might head up this weekend. What board was it? I am still riding my Voelkl RT 162. Some of my boards got stolen about 18 months ago from the barn where I lived.  Mostly older boards..voekl RT, a burton factory and ultra prime. Seriously doubt that they made it back onto the slopes.

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Three days of clear skies and excellent grooming.  Killer conditions to figure out new HBs.  No other hardbooters, but it was good to see the softboot carvers doing their thing.  

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