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Couple of questions will help make your needs clearer.

How well established is your riding stance i.e. angles, distance, toe/heel lift and canting? Some bindings are more adjustable if you have not got yourself sorted there.

Do you understand the trade offs between Intec heel bindings and standard bail bindings?

You can spend a lot or a little. I have a pair of F2 Intec Race bindings I bought second hand for not much that have lasted very well. If you're just getting started, spending less until you can answer your question above all by yourself is not a bad idea.

Welcome to Bomber. Look around, learn how to use the Search function, you've already found the Review section, there's plenty more in the general Carving Central forum threads on bindings.

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As you're new to carving, the F2 CNC are probably overkill.

Generally speaking, a step-in binding with similar design to a conventional binding will be stiffer.  However the Titanflex has a cushioned base that adds some flex, so overall the design is of medium stiffness.  For me, the convenience of step-in is a major draw.  I would never go back to conventional bindings.  I own 2 pairs of the Titanflex plus an older version of the RS, and they have worked well for me.

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YMMV. I have never used step-in bindings and never missed them. With your angles, you will probably be alright with Intecs. With low angles, the much higher lateral stiffness (compared to bail bindings) can become problematic, Titanflex or no. Note that for Intecs you will also need Intec heels. Those add some height, so you may want to use a bit more toe lift in front.

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    • By daveo
      Intec Parts: $69.69. The sale from this less shipping fees will primarily form a donation to the forum.
      Perfect for someone who has Intec compatible boots and F2 Race Ti bindings and is interested in trying Intec on their rear boot/binding. 
      All the parts needed to convert 1 binding and 1 boot to Intec Step In. My current boots are incompatible with Intec. Includes the following:
      Receiver + receiver cover + pressure plate Toe plate/bail Intec heel + cable + handle All necessary bolts This would cost 190.50 (+ shipping) Canadian Loonies from yyz (if you could pro-rata buy just 1 of the required things that are sold in pairs only).
      I could have wiped these down to make them a little less ugly. Perfectly functional.

    • By C310 Crowbar
      Looking for Palmer PLS or Donek risers for my soft board.
      Help me achieve a life without heel drag. 🙂
    • By DjulezD
      Thought these items belong to the vintage category, even if left with plenty of life.
      SOLD === Bomber Trench Digger  ===
      A full set with zero disks + extras (1 zero, 1 thirty). The bumpers are so, so.
      50USD + shipping

      === Burton Kids Automat ===
      These are obviously for kids. I bought them for mine and never used them (they all prefer skis...). No idea how to price them.
      20USD + shipping?? 

      === Emery ===
      These are from the time before the 4X4 or 8X8 inserts. But they are low, adjustable and light. They might have some use to someone.
      FREE + shipping

    • By Québec man
      2 pairs of F2 intec TI  large bindings.
      - 155 usd for 0ne pair... possible deal for both..😁
      - Burton spacer and shim kit 50 usd
      the buyer will have to pay for the shipping.

    • By GeoffV
      Need to thin the herd and make room for new toys!
      This board is in pristine condition. It has been lightly used and only has 12-15 days on it. It is so new that it does not have binding marks. Built for around 180lbs rider. Has one professional tune, 3 side 1 base
      For sale:
      Coiler Nirvana Vcam
      Length: 174 cm
      Sidecut Radius: 12-14m
      Waist: 20cm
      Taper: 16mm
      Buyer pays shipping. Payment via PayPal or Venmo

    • By D.T.
      SOLD - I’m selling a pair of F2 Titanflex Step-In bindings.  They are size S/M.  The bindings are currently configured with 6° and 3° lift blocks. I made these blocks out of Delrin when I had access to a machine shop. The wear marks on the step-in receivers are minimal, indicating the bindings have barely been used.
      SOLD - The price is $175 shipped in the US via USPS priority mail.

    • By Termin8tor
      Proto 185:
      Hate to see this one go however like all of my other boards I use them one year for race one year for training and then pass them on. This board however due to injury was only used for two races never trained and has so little use that I have never even had to polish the factory tune from F2.  If you don’t know anything about F2’s Proto series it is essentially the AMG to Mercedes.  By far probably the finest crafted board I’ve ever put on my feet. 9.8 out of 10 condition. Retails for nearly $2k before you pay import tax and shipping... asking $1100 fair and firm.  Plus shipping 

      Eliminator 163:*SOLD* Used for two or three runs before dropping off for a base grind. Unfortunately a small section of the edge was ground down approximately dime thickness. Still has a lot of life left in the board as it is essentially brand new. This is one of many Eliminators  that I own, with a brand new one on the way just passing along a good board and a great price.  Asking $450 plus shipping

    • By D.T.
      SOLD - I’m selling a set of Virus Powerlock III step-in bindings.  this binding is essentially the love child of a thick aluminum Phiokka baseplate and the F2 boot interface. The bindings come with a single 3° lift block. As you can see on the step-in receivers, the wear is minimal, these bindings were hardly used. One rubber disc that the boot saw sits on is missing.
      SOLD - The price is $275 shipped in the US via USPS priority mail.

    • By D.T.
      SOLD - I’m selling a pair of F2 Titanium Standard bindings, size S/M.  The bindings are set flat with no toe or heel lift on either binding. It appears as though I am missing one of the mounting screws. I will dig around to see if I can find it.
      SOLD - The price is $175 shipped in the US via USPS priority flat rate.

    • By donekdestroyer
      Here is my beloved custom Donek Incline, specced out by Sean @ Donek himself. It's an aggressive carving/powder board that I bought as my main board last month in November 2020. 
      It's in great condition, there are no big scrapes/chips and I took very good care of it. It's really wide (29.5) so if you have big feet (11+) this is a great board for you. The reason I'm selling it is because I realized that it's a bit too long for the type of riding I want to do this season. Other than that I love it. It lays down carves like no other.
      Model: Donek Incline
      -165cm Length
      -29.5cm Waist Width
      -Sidecut: 9-11cm (VSR)
      -Custom Hammerhead Shape (Nose & Tail)
      -Stiffness: 8/10
      -Pure Camber
      $800 OBO - Let me know for offers and trades

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