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Just bought a F2 Silberpfeil.

I like to carve but kinda new with it.

What bindings you advice?

F2 Intec Titanflex - Intec Titanium or maybe F2 CNC race Alpine?

I've Deeluxe boots

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Couple of questions will help make your needs clearer.

How well established is your riding stance i.e. angles, distance, toe/heel lift and canting? Some bindings are more adjustable if you have not got yourself sorted there.

Do you understand the trade offs between Intec heel bindings and standard bail bindings?

You can spend a lot or a little. I have a pair of F2 Intec Race bindings I bought second hand for not much that have lasted very well. If you're just getting started, spending less until you can answer your question above all by yourself is not a bad idea.

Welcome to Bomber. Look around, learn how to use the Search function, you've already found the Review section, there's plenty more in the general Carving Central forum threads on bindings.

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I know my stance.


50cm distance

I only know that the Intec bindings are a kind of step in bindings but are they less stiffer compared to the standard bindings? Do i need stiff bindings for carving?


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As you're new to carving, the F2 CNC are probably overkill.

Generally speaking, a step-in binding with similar design to a conventional binding will be stiffer.  However the Titanflex has a cushioned base that adds some flex, so overall the design is of medium stiffness.  For me, the convenience of step-in is a major draw.  I would never go back to conventional bindings.  I own 2 pairs of the Titanflex plus an older version of the RS, and they have worked well for me.

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YMMV. I have never used step-in bindings and never missed them. With your angles, you will probably be alright with Intecs. With low angles, the much higher lateral stiffness (compared to bail bindings) can become problematic, Titanflex or no. Note that for Intecs you will also need Intec heels. Those add some height, so you may want to use a bit more toe lift in front.

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