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So im normally VERY generous about lending out gear to even almost perfect strangers. . . have only had this bite me in the butt once. Leaving the ECES last year, I met don scott getting his boots on asking if Jeff From catek was still around so he could demo a pair of bindings. I said nope, but seeing as I had my bag loaded up with three pairs at that given moment, I could lighten the load a wee bit and let him borrow a pair and either send them back to me or meet up with me to return them.

The question is, where the heck is Don Scott now, I want my bindings back and he wont return my e-mails! Anyone ride with him or know his whereabouts? He is single handedly making me rethink my lending of equipment policy (which for those of you who dont know, use to be I would lend any of my equipment out to anyone to try . . . except one of my 2-205's)

Please help!

Don . . . e-mail me and send me my bindings!

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