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whistler dec 23 til 26

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Hello whistler rider

 we are planning a trip to whistler on Dec 23. thinking bring carving gear with me, any suggestion for good trial would be good at this time? which mountain is better backcomb or whistler side? any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciate.

if you local have happen to be there, hope we can hook up and hangout for some run together.not sure what day yet that I will be ride alone with the carving board. 

pray for snow

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As a general rule, Whistler has more variety of carvable terrain, while Blackcomb has steeper slope angles and deeper tree and bowl riding.

Depending on local weather conditions, my personal trail favorites are Ridgerunner on the Blackcomb side, off of the Crystal Ridge Express chair, closely followed by any of the runs off of the Harmony Express chair on the Whistler side. A gondola called the Peak-to-Peak Express connects both mountains now, so that you don't have to descend all the way to the base to switch mountain sides.

An excellent way to gut check your level of riding fitness is to go to the very peak of Whistler mountain, and then follow the sequence of trails that link up Whistler's "Peak to Creek" run. It's just over 5000ft of vertical elevation, and 7miles (!) in length.

Enjoy your visit in our neck of the woods, and be safe out there! Xmas season at Whistler Blackcomb is hella busy, it's not a uncommon to get 10,000 skiers and riders a day on the slopes.

So my best advice is to look far ahead and behind you before merging onto a run, and ski a predictable line. Most skiers don't have a sense of what carving and racing boards are capable of when driven by a good rider, and it can lead to dramas....

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