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Need help from the BC carving crew!

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OK, here's my situation- my favorite pair of hardboots finally died today!  I was at Cypress on my first day of riding of the season, and kept noticing that  my SnowPro bindings were releasing when I started carving aggressively. When I looked closer, I noticed cracks in the shells and that both heels were separating- not good.

I'm hoping that one of you guys has a spare pair of Raichle hardboots that you can part with- specifically a pair of Raichle 224's or 324's in a size 26.5.  

If I can, I want to stick with the Raichle brand, because I already have lots of spare parts for that model, as well as my BTS springs can transfer over without too much fuss. All I need is the shells to be in good shape, I have buckles, foot pads and Intuition liners that can be dropped in easily.

I know that it's a long shot, but before I started looking at YYZ Canuck and the Bomber for sale boards, I figured that I would ask you guys first.

If you have any leads, please email me directly, or call me on my cell: 604.671.9848.

Thanks so much,



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