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Softboot Carving worth watching

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12 hours ago, west carven said:


rama... need I say more?...


love the hands and upper body anticipation in every turn...exaggerated Flow looks Beautiful to me...one must trust themselves to be so out in front

This style reminds me of a Conductor leading an Orchestra...thanks for posting

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On 3/31/2018 at 1:49 AM, west carven said:


do any of you notice what is up with this photo from the vid?

Good technique?  Eyes are looking into the carve, that's critical, especially on heelside.  I love to see that.  Back knee is a little tucked but ok.

What's the answer professor?

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On 3/29/2018 at 8:27 PM, west carven said:


Published on Mar 29, 2018

snowboarding is about having fun and these guys and gals are the best, just messing around can be fun too...


do any of you notice what is up with this photo from the vid?

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14 hours ago, www.oldsnowboards.com said:

do any of you notice what is up with this photo from the vid?

That beanie really doesn't match his outfit...

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On 2018-03-26 at 2:03 AM, west carven said:


a young kid ripping...


Wow ! Wonderful rider ! I would like go to the level one day ! ?

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    • By big canuck
      Brand new never mounted. 
      $285 USD shipped. Please email. PP F and F add 3% PP  getting screwed by PP lately on exchange
      kurt at bowcycle dot com 

    • By bobdea
      They really friggin’ hurt.
      really though other than that.
      i have a new set of drivers, I like them, sort of. They are better than the old malamutes.
      So, for a long time most high end boots came in one of two configurations either a hinge type that works better but they are much softer or like the driver where to flex forward it forces the boot to deform this crushes the foot, that shit hurts and it’s because the driver has no hinge. 
      It looks like it’s still this way with most brands.. 
      I’ve had a couple sets of 32s and Burtons that hinge, this is a better design, why the hell cant they just build one with a stiffer tongue? 
      Anyone have an answer to that? 
      Pictured is a hinged design.. I actually forgot I had these boots. 

    • By piusthedrcarve
      I wrote reviews of this board in following thread.  It was interesting experience to test a board that is constructed with partial new technologies (carbon beams, titanal laminated, kevlar layers). The board is made for specifically Korean softboot carving market, which is getting popular recent years.  

      In my opinion, this construction and shape allow non-hardboot experience softbooters to really get into 'carving' without penalties from conventional mass-market all mountain/carving decks.  its similarity of flex, sidecut radius, and decambered nose with 'normal' softboot snowboards surely make them comfortable to learn and excel with this board. I know one colleague who started alpine snowboarding with a proper modern alpine deck few years ago but he has been in quiet struggle.  Now with this deck (shorter version), he rides quiet comfortable and progresses  his way toward alpine snowboarding. 
      Intrigued by its constructions, I got this last month from Korea and test rode 3 days (3-4 hours/day).  Its condition is like new.  (White smudges on the photo are from my hands). The base is covered with wax.  SOLD
      Here are my postings for spec. and its characteristics.
    • By Martin W
      If you're looking at this you probably know all about the legendary quality and performance of Donek snowboards.  Each 'board is custom built IN THE U.S.A.
      Sadly, I moved away from the Tahoe area the year I bought this (2014), so it has never been ridden.  I paid $790 for this 'board with shipping; and the 2017-2018 price is $840 (with shipping).
      I wanted a carving 'board, but I wasn't going to race and I didn't want to invest in a hard boot / plate binding set up.  The Donek Razor is a carving 'board that is designed to be ridden in soft boots, so it was a perfect match for what I wanted.
      You can find more about this model at the Donek Website:
      www.donek com/product/razor/
      I weigh about 180 lbs and am an advanced intermediate snowboarder.  I was looking for something that was FAST, fun and easy on groomed runs.  I wanted to recapture the feel of my 1987 Sims 1710 Blade.  The only custom change I made was to reduce the waist to 25.0 cm, rather than the 25.5 cm standard design.  This was to enhance the rail-to-rail turn performance.  This width also easily accommodated my US mens size 11 boots.  If your boots are much larger, this may be too narrow for you, depending on your stance.
      I can ship the 'board to any place in the continental U.S. for about $40-$70, depending on your location.  This will be 2-4 day delivery with tracking and delivery confirmation via USPS Priority Mail.  Payment would be via PayPal.
      if you're interested, you can contact me via text: 530 570 5932 or e-mail: Martin.Wallace.home@gmail.com or Switch.Snowboarding@gmail.com.  I am new to this forum, but I have been selling on eBay - and have a 100% positive seller's record - for well over as decade as SWITCH_SNOWBOARDING and CALIFORNIA_AU.
      Here's the blurb from the Donek Website:
      The Razor is a carving board designed to be ridden in soft boots. It boasts all of the materials and technology that we use in the construction of our race boards, with a tuned flex and sidecut combo optimized for carving it up in soft boots.

    • By klam
      Stiff and in MINT condition.... worn once in my room to break them in. Size 8.5 mens. $200 CAN obo, buyer pays shipping

    • By klam
      Good Condition. Everything is there. Will need some mounting screws. $150 CAN obo, buyers pays shipping

    • By starcarver
      This board is in mint new condition $200
      Softboot Carving to POW..A true do-it-all board
      Sidecut - one of a kind sidecut for grip and control Length (cm): 169 Effective Edge (cm): 128.5 Tip/Tail Width (cm): N/A Waist Width (cm): 25.5 Sidecut (m): 9.3/8.3/8.5/8/9.
      Solitude hybrid camber snowboard is the choice of legendary pro, Mike Basich
      Features Include
      Whisky X - x4 Titanal plates underneath your bindings which accurately direct pressure to your boards contact points when you need it most. This means less wastage and a more aggressive, incredibly stable and extremely responsive ride.
      Whiskey Bars - Carbon strips that create torsional stiffness and dramatically reduce chatter across lumpy snow.
      Biax Glass - A biax layup means torsionally smooth flex with a nice and forgiving performance when you need it.
      PDT Sidecut - A 3 phase sidecut that means extreme maneuverability in tight situations, but incredible stability at speed.
      Reflex Core - Another great core from Flow that is smooth and features different flex zones to deliver an incredible ride
      Steel Edges - Fully wrapped for quality
      The Lowdown
      Rider Profile: Intermediate / Advanced
      Mountain Profile: Freeride , Big mountain freestyle
      Camber Profile: Pow-Rock Read More
      Shape: Directional Read More
      Base: Sintered 4000 Read More
      Flex: Responsive

    • By starcarver
      New Burton SLX Snowboard Boots Size 12 Mondo 30    $250
      New Burton SLX boots 2016 
      Burton's top of the line best seller
      8-10 stiffness and support.
      The one day I tried them, was with the Flow NX2-GT binding it was almost like riding a hard boot set up. 

      Used only one day 5 runs 

      Practically new

      Size 12 Mondo 30

    • By starcarver
      This is a great binding for Softboot Carving!!
      Flow bindings with the Fusion PowerStraps are supportive and responsive as a Three strap Binding
      I have two pairs of Flow NX2-GT Bindings . 

      Each only been ridden a few runs. 

      I ride hard boot carving setup most of the time, so I did not have a chance to ever use them. They are in new condition. 

      One pair also has the Fusion PowerStrap and the Hybrid PowersStrap

      They are $399 New if you can find them in XL http://www.flow.com/Products/Bindings

      The green pair came with Hybrid PowersStrap and ordered the Fusion PowerStrap just a few weeks ago for $110. she recept.

      Black Pair $175 (Fusion PowerStrap)

      Green Pair $200 (Fusion PowerStrap and Hybrid PowersStrap)


    • By svr
      My new to me Oxess SBX 163 (12m sidecut, 143cm effective edge, 26cm waist) carbon and titanal construction with Apex Gecko Stealth plates and Flow NX2-GT bindings. A carbon and metal Softboot Carving Machine. 
      Thanks to bomber member A.Leal as board is awesome.
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