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Aspen April 11-15th

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I, probably like many others, read your post about a week at ATC and not making the progress you wanted to. What's the level you want to realistically reach? Fine line tracks on greens and blues, laid out extreme carves on blacks, or somewhere in between?

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I'm 56 and a relative latecomer to carving. Not that long ago I was at the stage you are now, able to get down most places without falling too often but skidding at least part of pretty much every turn. The key to the next stage is learning what a carved edge feels like without having to worry about the fact you're now doing 80mph down a slope. I took my pride in hand and went back to a wide gentle green slope, and then rode it over and over again, concentrating on getting the board onto it's edge, applying a little weight to that edge and then letting the board do the rest.
How to apply the weight depends on mostly what your binding angles are. Angles greater than 60 degrees will work with the weight applied from the sides of your boots. Angles less than 50 degrees will work well with the weight applied through your heels and toes. In between, either might produce the result.
I ride 65 F and 60 rear. I learned that to keep the edge carving I had to concentrate on applying weight to the edge with the knee on the outside of the turn. Turning to the left, my right knee was the one. If I lifted off the lateral pressure being applied then the edge would begin to skid.
At a Pureboarding clinic I learned that for the lower angles I should apply the weight with my rear foot toes on toeside turns, and with my front heel on heelside turns.
But the real key was practice, practice, practice, on a slope where I could concentrate on technique and not have to worry too much about speed control.

Once you know what your edge really feels like you'll have a solid foundation on which to build your riding.

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Buttermilk will close Sunday, Apr 03.


Skico adds bonus weekends to ski season at Aspen Highlands:  http://www.aspentimes.com/news/21384660-113/skico-adds-bonus-weekends-to-ski-season-at


"Skico will stick to the scheduled closures of the other ski areas. Buttermilk will close Sunday. Snowmass will close April 10 and Aspen Mountain will close April 17." 

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I was just at aspen all of last week. I never left snowmass. Really good conditions. The runs at snowmass are very wide open. Here's what i did:


In the morning take the sheer bliss chair all the way to the top, check the board for which runs are groomed off of the big burn chair. Take max park all the way down to the big burn chair and lap whatever groomed runs are there. Usually, sneakys is always groomed and it is the more mellow out of all those blue runs. Whispering jesse and dallas freeway are also really good. Some really nice wide open carving before you get to the steeper parts at the end. 


I stuck to that side of the mountain in the morning as most newbees in the morning would go to the elk side. 

Then, delay lunch between 12-130 as everyone takes a break, head over to the elk camp gondola then the elk camp chair and do all the runs off that chair. Bull run, if groomed, is freaking amazing. wide open with sparse trees. I had  blast carving in between trees. Plus, they usually have one of the employees at the end of the run taking pictures. (if you feel like paying hundreds for a few pictures)


PM if you want more beta on snowmass. I can't speak much to the other resorts. 


Oh and don't waste your time with the cirque lift. You can get equally impressive, if not better views, from the elk camp chair. 

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You wouldnt want to ride the milk next week anyways, it will be too warm.  The top of Ajax off of Ajax express is full of awesome, mellow blue groomers that were awesome today and will be if you still decide to come.

Thanks Jim, having big trouble with the flight insurance so I may come out anyway. H

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