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asking a favour to ship a board from Van to Toronto...

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Hey Vancouverites - i don't know how appropriate it is to ask this but i will anyways.  There is a snowboard out there that i want to buy but I can't find a way to pick it up or send it to myself.  Seller is not willing to ship.


The idea would be that I email him the money and then give the password to whomever wants to do this for me when you receive the board.  Then I either ask you to hold on to the snowboard or ship it.  If shipped I would obviously pay for the shipping.  If held on to I will find a way to get it later this year - I might have a colleague travelling to Richmond


There are boots and bindings that I would be taking as well - maybe give them to my brother in law as the boots and probably bindings are too big for me.


I don't really expect someone to do this for free as it is a big favour,  Moreover, you have to meet someone through craigslist which may or may not have it risks.  


So name your price i suppose and I will figure out if its worth my while.  I am willing to deal with currency of gear that I might want to sell (F2 bindings - RS mediums and Race Ti Intecs large, size 26 DFP liners, maybe the boots/bindings from board being sold)


This is the craigslist listing.   You guys can tell me if its a good deal OR just take it yourselves I guess. 




pm if you feel like being a good samaritan.  

OR PM me that you have taken it for yourself (its all good!).  

OR PM me that this is a bad idea.





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transaction completed.  Thanks Patrick (charliechocolcate)!


These sorts of 'exchanges' really re-inforce the notion of this 'community' that this website affords us all.



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