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Intec Heel Screws


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Hey all,

I seem to be having some issues with my intec heels. On really hard deep carves I've noticed that my heels have started to pull away from my boots. And on some occasions, I hear a pop, and a screw is a few turns loose. I tighten them as much as I can, but this doesn't seem all that safe. Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can alleviate this problem? Thanks!

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Date: February 10, 2003 06:05 PM

Author: Ken (kjl(at)pixar.com)

Subject: Stainless

I replaced lots of screws and stuff on my boots, and definitely wanted stainless steel. For the best selection, I ended up ordering online at:


They had hex screws (socket head cap screws) of every size you'd want, plus any size washers you'd want, all in beautiful stainless steel.

It's pretty sweet that you can get somebody else to search for 16 of the right size screws and washers, put them in a baggie, and send them to you for like 2 and a half bucks.



Picture this http://www.yyzcanuck.com/product_shcs.htm

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Ben's right. The T-nuts are mandatory, and most boots already have them. I guess it was the 123 that didn't come with them, so some were provided with the heel kits for those boots. Put them in! Man, you're lucky you noticed the problem before they pulled out completely. If you can't find them I can send you the ones that came with my heels, but they should have been included.

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Ben: I bought my heels used, and they didnt come with T-nuts. I had no idea I needed them! I already placed an order for those screws from yyzcanuck.

Steve: I definitely am lucky. I could have had a pretty nasty spill if they completely came out on a hard turn since they're already pulling out a bit. I definitely want to take you up on that offer. How much do you want for em (+ shipping to 90024)?

kalalex: I do about 2 weekends a month, sometimes more if the conditions warrant it. I'm participating in your thread on So. Cal carvers. We'll continue this conversation there =).

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