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Big Welcome to Henry Hester!!!

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The tricky thing is to be mindful without thinking; to do without trying.




Especially if you're on gentle terrain, you should be able to manipulate the board with the soles of your feet, as though in sneakers. If you feel uneven contact from the boot cuffs, then something is amiss with either your inputs or your configuration.

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Dang guys. Thank you for this input. I can't wait to get there, rain and all. You'll find me at the most green run up top of Ajax. Back to letting the board ride itself.

You know in mat surfing, the same thing applies. If you force it, bend it, concave it or try to overly shape the mat it will bite you and come to a stop. If you go limp, drop your shoulders and let the mat do its job, it will go faster than anything on the water. Average ability mat surfers constantly have to "reset" and let the zen thing happen. Be the mat. Be the board. Be the mountain. I do get it. Can't wait for this Tuesday. Thank you oh great Beckman and I'll do the bunny thing Corey. I promise.

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I love snow zen :1luvu: and the art of hardbooting


just made the be water quote in the why hardboots thread before seeing Beckman's  post above

you go Henry, nice to see our long lost brothers rekindle the flame

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