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Whistler 12/15-12/20


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I'll be riding whislter side dec 13 to the 16th

Look for full face bucket, hardboots n freeride board most times

Natural habitat is green or red chairs 0830 hrs until Peak/harmony open at which my normal migratory pathways change to running trees and powder.

Words of advice go in for lunch early ie 1100 hrs, get back out early when the rest of the herd is coming in for lunch. Mid Dec not early enough for full on silly season but its getting there.

Seen on a helmet the other day

" if its tourist season why cant I shoot some?''

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i'm hard to miss as well - 6'4", full face helmet, blue flame topsheet coiler 169AMX, grey and orange jacket...red and green chairs and then up to alpine when it opens.

the 2 skiers i go with every year haven't been on snow yet this season, so i am assuming they will want to take it easy on the 16th...i may have to leave them and go play in the alpine. <g>



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I'm there 13 to 16 Dec. The CarveItUp.net crew is small this year due to migration / school conflicts. There'll be four of us, but one is on skiis!

We usually start on the whistler green chair, then move of to other parts as well. we're early risers - sometimes even there for fresh tracks.

we can hook up on FRS channel 7-21 - the official channel of CarveItUp.net.

zaphod (aka Simon) out...


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Hey SteveP I think I bumped into you today at the board check,

I be full face guy with plates n red board, didnt clue in till half way down the hill.

Hope you enjoyed the "powder"

Did anyone other than myself see the Discovery channel scene under the green chair about 0820-0830 hrs

Weasel/pinemartin/fisher? chasing a rabbit around the corduroy

back into the powder, back onto the cord before some skiers interfered with nature and purpsoely cut off the weasel from his breakfast. I was kinda hoping the weasel would have ran up that womans leg and attached his fangs to her face, the weasel looked like he was thinking about it weasel and skier had about a 10 second stare down at a range of about 5-10 feet.

An entertaining chair lift scene, almost as good as the black bear last spring bluff charging the picture taking tourists last spring

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