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hardbooting supplies in aus

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Found first tracks board store in jindy selling a full range of hard boots (upz's). and carving/ race boards (kessler) and bindings. Was like walking into a dream. If u need gear I guess these are the guys, support them, I know I will!

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Holier than the holiest hole I've ever been too :-)

Yeah pleasantly surprised.....seriously asked as a joke can I try some size 13 Hard boots and he's like no problem and pulls out a 13 and 14. It was at that point I quivered a little and went into a state of shock...suddenly I need new boots whereas two weeks ago my current boots were fine haha. Also didn't need a new board but suddenly there is a massive need to fill a gap in the board range with something extremely expensive and something I don't need. Can even justifying it by saying I'm helping the local hard boot scene.....haha

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