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looking for Boots 25 to 26

Shred Gruumer

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Looking to find a inexspensive pair of boots either new, this year, last year or year before or very slightly used. For a new rider so even SB223's would be good, already checked all the sites, looking for a bargin,

any help? actual foot size measurement is 25.5



can't give email big brother watching but please reply thanks.


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Thanks for the reply. I will consider them, I really am looking for Raichles though or UPS. only because of my experience with them and know the mechanics.

Not out of the question though I would like to get into a Raichle if I can.

Got picture of them?

also actual size of foot is 25.5 so how would this fit, what was the actual size of the foot that used them and what was the feel

Thanks again,


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They are appropriate for approximately a men's 8 to 8 1/2

Let me know and I will send pictures. Also, if you are going to get into carving, I wouldn't spend a lot on your first set of boots. Many people move up to step in bindings over time and an expensive boot that is not already compatable is possibly money out the window.

Go inexpensive, get the feel and then drop the bucks on the top gear

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Guess what - these are the boots that my girlfriend rode until she knew how to carve - 10 days - quick learner. Anyhow, in womens size, they would be in the size 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 range. For $40.00 WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE?

Anyway - let me know. They are jus sitting in the garage since she switched to Burton Fires and F2 intec plates (about $400 for comparison)

By the way, I have some burton plates that I'd include for another $65 plus shippping - cants and all

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Still de-siding on what she wants to do, also still trying to get what an actual fit would be for her she's a womens size 8 1/2 and measures 25.5

Any Input on this? I heard Mondo 25, but that don't make much sense to me, cause measurement is measurement, maybe then I don't understand?

Help said Shred!

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In case you are not aware, most shells are made to fit various size feet and are adjusted primarily by the amount/depth of the liners footbed. This is why people who "normally" wear a certain size shoe are able to "squeeze into" or make fit boots that may not be their exact size.

Another good reason not to spend a lot on an initial pair until she is use to hard boots and gets a better feel for what she wants/likes for her riding style. Trust me, if I had spent a lot on my girlfriends first pair, it would have been money tossed down the drain as she ended up trying on about 10 different styles before she finally decided on the next pair - an she still isn't quite sure!!!

Now that I have rambled - the ball is in your court. The shadows are in good shape, I'll include a spare footbed insert and heel lift and you can stop deciding and start riding

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