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how to create foot pain


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Partway through the day I had this tiny sharp pain in my right foot. Top of my foot, where it meets my ankle. Thinking it was just a wrinkle in my sock, I stopped and pulled it up tight. That seemed to fix it.

A couple runs later, the pain is back. Pulling up my sock didn't help. So I sat down next to a ropeline and pulled my foot out of the boot to have a look-see. When my foot came out, there was a quarter balanced on top of it. As in, 25 cents. I have no idea how that got in there.

Anybody need to make a phone call? Maybe I can scrounge another ten cents out of my left boot.

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Guest Pre School Rider

When I was the Snowboard Supervisor @ Bromley,I got into a bit of tit-for-tat practical jokes with some of the Ski Instructors.At first it was simple pranks,like a Mayo packet left in one's gloves.But as the chicanery went on,more stealth was required to snare the now-wary victim into the web.One of my better ruses was to put a single BB,taped under the footbed of the instructor's boot.It took him all day to figure out what was causing him discomfort.He'd stop at the Instructor's Locker,shake out his boot,check his sock,go skiiing,come back limping somewhat. I finally (at 2:00 pm) asked him if his footbed was o.k.. .. .. "The Shadow knows what Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men". Yeah,but the Shadow never had my dad to teach him how to pull off practical jokes! Thanks dad!

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