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Burton Alp 171cm + Burton Race Plates


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Burton Alp 171 cm, closet find. base and edges are like new, top sheet has no chips or scratches. Base has no gouges or scratches. edges are original factory grind , this board has not seen a tune since the factory. The edges have no scrapes or dents and are very sharp, the board and bindings look like they were used for an hour in good snow. no pitting on edges.

board sell for $175 plus ship

bindings sell for $125 plus ship

buy both for $275 plus ship

I will post more pics or email them to you

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Burton Alp 171cm, 26.5cm tip, 21.5cm waist, 26.5cm tail, 10.5 m side cut radius, 150cm effective edge, 5/8" camber

The Burton Raceplates maximum= I fit a pair of 31 mondo in them that have a 340mm=13.375" sole length, Then I adjusted them to smallest length and that was 260mm=10.25" sole length. I do not believe that Burton Raceplates come in sizes, but there is the max/min range in sole length of the bindings being sold in this add. R

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