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Looking to buy my first all-mountain carver


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On the advice of Michelle Juneau I'm looking for a low to mid 160's cm Pureboarding, Prior 4X4, or Donek Axxess. I'm 5'8" and 175 lbs. I also need a decent pair of bindings that will accept the Intec heels on my Raichle's. Thanks!


I've got a Prior 4x4 for sale in this thread Let me know if you're interested.

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I read this on Alpinecarving.com about the Madd 158, although it wasn't specified as a BX board:

  • The 158 cm length (8.8 M radius) board requires an advanced weight-forward technique and is not suitable for beginners. It is also necessary to maintain a more precisely balanced center of mass to get the optimal edge hold characteristics. It offers the unusual combination of small sidecut radius and high stability, which is great for narrow runs. The very tight 8.8M sidecut allows you to put your twitch muscle to work. The 158 also proves one corollary: the length of a board does not necessarily matter. The Madd 158 is like a German Sheppard: if no one is in charge, then it will insist on being the one in charge.

Does this pretty much describe your board?

I also read this about the bases:

'Old models were made with a highly durable graphite base. Later models used a double sintered p-tex 4000 speckled base. Some carvers have remarked that the older base didn't hold wax as well'.

Can you tell me which base it has?



Madd 158 bx, any interest? It has been used plenty, but the base is still gouge free. $90 USD plus shipping

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^That entry is not for the BX board, it's for the alpine board that has so many fans.

You might find the Rossignol Throttle 166 I posted for sale early in the season a decent first board (check the "Scott Maynard in the hospital" thread for a photo of the same model on the podium at NASTAR nationals this year!). Very forgiving and carves really well. I also have a Nidecker 170 that would be great. Oldsnowboards.com sold one just like it recently here. Both have about a 10.5 m scr, perfect for a first board, I think, and both are in excellent (as in, close to new) shape.

I do have a pair of step-in bindings as well -- Phiokka Highlanders. Pretty solid, 6mm bails I'm pretty sure. You don't actually need step-ins, though -- the step-in heels will still work in standard bail bindings, just in case you want to go that route.

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I got to thinking that maybe a BX board like yours with softies might suit me just fine. This whole hardboot thing is becoming quite the can o' worms!!

teach is correct, that description is for the madd 158 alpine, this one is the 158bx, it has a stiff flex for carving, you could use with softboot or hardboot.
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Thanks, but I think that may be a bit too much board for me. The mountain I ride has fairly narrow runs. Also, I'm 5'8". The longest board I've ridden is a 163 Super Model.
Alpine boards tend to be a little longer. AM boards in the lengths you are used to are typically built for lighter riders than you.
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Can I see a pic of the Nidecker? How much are you asking for either board plus bindings?

I'll get a photo of the Nidecker and email you -- if you email me through the forum I'll have your email and be able to reply with an attachment.

I'm asking $100 for the Rossi, $175 for the Nidecker, $100 for the Phiokkas, plus whatever shipping would be.

Not trying to push product here, but if you ride soft boots and 158 seems like a reasonable size, that Madd BX is a nice find. You would have little difficulty reselling it if by some chance you didn't like it.

Board length -- Most alpine boards shorter than 165 cm will be slalom boards, which (to me) demand more skill to ride. An exception are the Burton Ultraprimes and Factory Primes in 162 or 164 -- they have a pretty big scr, 11.5 m or something.

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