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Kickstarter with custom boards available...


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A small board builder in the Adirondacks is doing a kickstarter campaign.

For a pledge of $500+ you can get-

CUSTOM SNOWBOARD - Donating at this level gets you one on one time with the Empire crew to build your ideal snowboard. You're in charge - customize everything! We'll find out how you like to ride to better tune the materials in the board to suit your style, create custom graphics based on your ideas, and when your ideal board is perfect on paper we'll build the real thing. Comes with a T-shirt and a video of the entire process, the finished board ships to your door.

Limited (8 of 10 remaining) Estimated delivery: Nov 2014 Add $100 USD to ship outside the US

I asked him some questions about what they could build. 190/192 is the longest length their press mold can do but they'd be into doing carving sticks. Their focus is on shorter & wider powder boards. They've never done VSR for a carving stick (but they have done VSR) so someone like Shred would have to hold their hand. Oh and they'd do an all-carbon model.

For 1k you can build a board with them. I know... just what you've always wanted. ;-)

Note- I have no stake in this endeavor. Just though some might like to know. Also, maybe some of our other board builders might want to look to kickstarter to fund that next CNC machine!

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just found out they have done VSR, corrected.
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I find the last one interesting... aren't sponsors supposed to pay you, not the other way around? :freak3:

Yeah but sponsors pay "pros" for their talent and the exposure, in this case someone would be paying to live that fantasy, not because of their talent.

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I wish them well, I just don't see anything that sets them apart? Looks like a good way to help ramp up their snowboard building business I.E. raise capital for equipment etc. Frankly 500$ for just another custom freesyle board in six months doesn't sound like anything to get to worked up about. Risk / reward is a balance and this venture doesn't seem to tip in the favor of the sponsors. Why would you spend 650$ for them to experiment building you an alpine board vs buying one from a proven expert craftsman for a grand and know it is going to be stellar? Don't see it. Bryan

Pledge $650 or more

TEST PILOT - Aren't satisfied that we don't build a splitboard or another unique design like a hard boot bomber? Want to test prototype snowboards? This is your chance to tell us what you want developed next and be the first person to ride the results. Be warned - we can't guarantee the final product of this tier because it will be a prototype.

Limited (3 of 3 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Nov 2014

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Just thought I'd introduce myself as one of the builders from the mentioned kickstarter. A member from this forum emailed us with some questions and gave a link back to the thread. I know our boards are a bit different from what you guys prefer to ride. We wanted to do an All Mountain board and get that "right" (to our liking) before doing anything crazy. We've actually been inspired by a few of the names you all pass around, and would love some Donek tools in our shop.

Pretty cool stuff. Not sure about the diamond nose shape though. Seems like a recipe for digging in softer snow. However, I guess with some properly-placed rocker you could lessen the risk.

You guessed it - the nose is rockered. It's also slightly wider than the rest of the board and the extra surface area helps keep the tip up and out of the softer snow as well. Not to everyone's liking visually, but it worked for what we wanted. Oh, we were actually going for a "spoon tip" look to the nose, not diamond. At least that's where the idea for a nose with more surface area came from. Sort of like this: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3b/Sugar_Spoon-White_Plate.jpg

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