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Knee cap tendinitis

Bobby Buggs

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So I had a great time at ECES as usual but the Monday following my left knee blew up and I could barely walk:o. Have not even thought about riding for a month but gonna use some free tix at Stratton this Sunday for some spring splash and dash. Anyone have good results coming off Patella tendinitis

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KarverKai had this this winter. Between gymnastics, biking and snowboarding he was hurting. Even to the point of not going to a gymnastics meet and that is his #1 sport. We did Accupuncture, A.R.T., Active Release Therapy and compression sleeves. Along with added rest and lots of ice it finally went away after 2+ months. Good luck and do rest after your fun weekend at Stratton.


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Are you regular or goofy? Im guessing its your back knee that went.

Had an accident last year, which combined with previous falls and overall 'bumping' the knee on toeside carves, started to give me problems over the summer that wre exacerbated by running. I ignored the issue until the beginning of this season, where it came to a point where I couldnt sit without feeling a dull aching pain that drove be postively insane nor could I put any weight on the knee and had huge problems squatting. Get thee to a physical therapist pronto. Get an MRI. Exercise exercise, I started with exercises to strengthen the legs and back (squats, deadlifts) and ALWAYS warm-up and strength before doing anything with legs but still havent started my PE. Rode with a knee sleeve with some kind of support mechanism. The strength exercises have helped tremendously, although I still feel pain at least I can bend the damn knee and put weight on it.

I can specify four 'aspects' that exacerbate the knee issue when riding:

a) narrow waist width, for general riding I am going to start riding on lower angles (currently in the 70s/60s) and therefore have to have much wider boards

b) choppy and bumpy condtions -> moguls, since impossible to avoid I'm going to expand my quiver to metal boards and start riding with a plate to help smooth things out

c) too stiff boots, will switch to an even softer spring and cut out plastic to provide for more flex

d) to a lesser extent technique, focus more on using the ankles and toes to carve then 'drive with the knees'

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Once it flares up like that it usually takes a few weeks to go down. I had the ACL procedure where the graft was made from the kneecap and patellar tendon so I've got a chronic case. The best thing for it is to do a lot of standing quad stretches and unfortunately resting.

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