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WTB Burton Forward Lean Lock for Soft Bindings


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Basically, I want to buy 2 forward lean locks for Burton bindings, the hook part in the attached picture that locks the highback to the heel loop. the one I need is this exact one, it would have teeth on the part that the swivel/hook is attached to. The exact ones pictured and described are for sure what came on the Burton Si-X step in binding. I know this is a long shot, but it would greatly help me.


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I am not familiar with the boots, but going by google images, they do not seem to have the original.

how the above works is, the highback has a molded in toothed portion, and then this hook, silver and white part is attached to another mirror image of the teeth, and you set the forward lean, and then the hook locks the highback upright.

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I've got a couple pair of burton SI with these locks but none to spare. Lost one of the locks off the high back and replaced it buy buying another pair of used bindings cheap at a thrift store.

these came up in an ebay search,




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Do you know if the red part has teeth on it, that mate with the binding highback? and do you know if the hook part just screws through the red part into the binding? I do not know if they will work with my bindings, depends on the teeth, but if not, I may be able to use just the hook, as the way to tighten my adjustors to the highback, in place of the screw that is on them now.


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