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Is there anywhere to rent alpine gear in Colorado?


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Hello everyone,

I have been a soft booter for quite a few years now, and in that time I found that I stuck to steep, wide groomers rather than terrain parks. I recently went to Keystone, CO for a few days and saw a hard booter for the first time. I went over to introduced myself and then asked him about his board. He was great to talk to, but said that if I wanted to get into carving, it would be best to try the gear out before I bought anything. Are there any stores or vendors in CO that I could rent hard booting gear from?

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You are fortunate. There are quite a few alpine riders in your state. My suggestion is to check out the "Ride Board" and hook up with some local riders.


Fill in your profile a bit more (knowing where you are helps members help you)

Turn on your email in user data. PM allows folks to contact you and visa versus.

Learn your boot size in mondo point. So you can have the key item that might prevent you from

riding. Between Bomber Store, the For sale threads and the generousity that continually blows me

away of BOL members and the alpine community in general, you will be carving in no time.

Read some of the many articles that have been written just for you here.

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Welcome! We are just down the street from Keystone in Silverthorne and have more carving gear then you can shake a stick at. We also have a full demo gear fleet that can get you going and trying. We are at the Nationals event at Copper this week but will be back full time next week. Drop us a line (info below in signature) and we'll help you all we can.

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Wow, Thank you all for the advice! Hopefully I can get back riding sometime soon and check all this out. However, I am a full time student studying mechanical engineering so I may not have much time to get out riding before the season ends. Anyways, thanks again and ill try and find my way out there soon!

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