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The Maelle Rickers Apex board or Prior 4WD?


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Hey guys need some opinion's! Looking at 2 different boards for SBX.

Maelle Rickers old Apex board 158. Used 15 times looks in good shape for $550 and burton bindings for $30 bucks + $50-70 Shipping =$630-$650


(Demo) Prior 4WD Board 159 for $525 no bindings.

Apex Snowboard site doesn't say much. I just emailed them. But If anyone knows/ reviews on The Apex board that would be awesome. Just want to find the right deal and right board to get into competing next season.

Thanks guys.


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I've bought an Apex Pro+ SBX 158 last year on their website during an end of season sale.

No competition for me but I can give a feedback on the general characteristics of this board.

First, the construction is incredible, the board is bulletproof, base, edges, topsheet, everything's solid, but heavy.

This is not a light board, but is it really important for SBX ?

For my 8 us, riding with low angles (18 front / 9 back), It's a bit too narrow.

I've put Burton Elevator, and it feels great, I've tried with Kessler SBX plates but it added too much weight and eliminated all my feelings on the snow, and again I don't do SBX, probably Kessler plates work great for competition.

The edge hold is amazing, the base is fast, and the board is not made for short radius turns, it feels really secure at any speed and never chatters.

I don't know if you would like this board for racing SBX but you can trust its high level construction and overall quality.

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Hey guys thank you for all your quick responses BlueB, Big Canuck, Neil. Will go the Apex. Seems to be the better deal with Burton Mission bindings included. Riding in soft boots. Looking at the Salomon optima womens. Could not find any stiff mens boots in 39 euro size. So yes I have small feet. 7.5 women's typically.

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I know little of the ins and outs of racing, but I do know that I'd start researching replacements for the Missions even while riding them. I found them to be a bit flexy, that is, until the baseplate exploded under my feet. Then they were shard-y. Never seen anything like it. Dozens of little bits. Upgraded to Cartels, which were an improvement in the not-catastrophically-failing-at-warp-speed category. I then left the Church of Burton entirely for the aluminum chassis Rides. At 200 pounds, I'm probably not a good sample match for you, but it suspect that flexy/breaky isn't ideal for racing at any size. The Apex sounds nice!

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Lordmetroland: Thanks I consider what you say for sure. The bindings are 30 bucks with the board so i think its a good start. They are a couple years old. I weight 140 @ 5'6. So hopefully I dont ride with much discomfort. but will upgrade as my skills improve.

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