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standard catek short plate bindings (OS2)


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any interest in catek OS2 bindings? these are standards, and they are short. in good working order. all parts and hardware. I vaguely recall what I paid for these and am thinking $200 plus shipping.

I personally love the bindings. I know that they will go to a good home through bomber. pictures available upon request. I will post them once I have them.

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Sorry about the less than snazzy photo. Having issues with my computer.

More info:

I am the original owner.

I have checked all the threads and everything is in great working order.

I replaced all the hardware that started to strip and have included extra hardware as I was able.

Days ridden? I am being cautious in saying 100 (as in maximum)> I acquired these at the end of the 2007/2008 season. Used them a fair amount until I bought a second pair here with risers. Erring on the side of fairness.

Have some wear. They've been ridden. Also have some scribbles on them for ease of set up.

Standard elastomers. Long king pins.

I honestly love these bindings. Frankly, I can't justify owning two pairs at this time. Time on snow has become limited. I blame children. Well, we do play in the snow. It's just different now :-)

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