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2013 Donek Rev 185 prototype


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*** SOLD ***


I bought this board at the beginning of this season during Donek's preseason prototype sale in September 2013. It's been ridden for three days, two by me, and one by a fellow BOL member. The base is in excellent condition and edges are at whatever edge angles Donek puts on their experimental/prototype boards, no filing or resurfacing has been done to this board.

185cm length (de-cambered tip and tail)
20cm waist
14-20 SCR
4x4 and UPM
more carbon fiber instead of metal in the typical Rev construction.


I talked with Sean about this board before buying it and I'm paraphrasing here:
He said it is a great free-carve board and when he mentioned how light it was, he was chuckling (it is light for a 185). I'm told the reason this board is not a production board for 2013/14 is because it is too light for a race board and the test riders felt that due to the lightness it would not be a good board for rutted up courses. Or maybe they actually did ride it on a course to find that out, I'm not 100% clear on those details as I wasn't tape recording the conversation. You can very easily call Sean and confirm any of this information.

I have to add that I really like riding this board, and I don't want to see it exit my quiver, however, there literally is no other place I can take it other than Mammoth Mountain because my board bag is not large enough. So I figured I would get a slightly shorter Rev/FreeCarve with the EXACT same construction. It is a shame that it has come down to 5-10cm but that is the brutal reality. It drifts into a turn nicely and will absolutely lock in a turn, it needs some speed to carve.

For reference, I am 5'9", 155lbs and can ride this board easily and make it bend the way I need/want it to, but I need to be going at a decent clip. I have heard that this board has a wide weight range so don't be afraid to contact Sean at Donek for specifics.

I bought it for about $700 shipped to my door and would like to recoup some of that.

I think $500 + shipping is fair. PayPay, Amazon, Chase payment options are available. If you are in SoCal, we can arrange a demo day.
Some action shots at Mammoth Mountain March 8th:


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