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Ogasaka snowboards 2014-2015 (japan)


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I recently did a Google search of 'snow surfing' and found the website of Moss Snowsticks. Some of the vids showed some serious softboot carving. Apparently with their progressive sidecut Moss boards can be turned off the tail like a surfboard. One of their models even has a channel bottom tail which supossedly makes it fast on slush.

They make really nice, smooth and stable boards.

I like the scene (2:40) that Kohei is riding on soft-boots.

He said he rode a free-style board like a alpine snowboard.


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I heard Moss Snowsticks are good board. One of boards I wanna ride for sure.


BC Stream has a model called Katana.


Cool design eh?

Ogasaka Snowboards http://www.ogasaka-snowboard.com/

MOSS Snowboards http://www.pioneermoss.com/mosssnowboards/home/home.html

(MOSS Snowstick http://www.pioneermoss.com/SNOWSTICK/top/top.html )

BC Stream http://www.bc-stream.com/index.htm

GRAY Snowboards http://www.graysnowboards.co.jp/

These are all Japanese brands.

Tomoka Takeuchi won the silver medal in the Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom

in 2014 winter Olympics in Soch with Black Pearl Snowboard.

BP is from Switzerland, but now ACT GEAR is making them in Japan.

Black Pearl Snowboards http://www.blackpearljp.com/

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