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Sims Burner 197, Burton Race stock 180, Pogo Blitz 177, Riot Velocity 170


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Four boards from my personal collects for sale:

Sims Burner 197 - SOLD $300: Perfect shape, no damage. Tail is perfect with no cracks as some of these would get over time.

Burton Race Stock 180 - $200: this was a race board used and given to me by Jasey Jay back when he races for Burton. It is a 180 and VERY stiff. It has the factory "data" graphics on it. Typical of Jasey's boards it had been tuned many times and the edges are thin. So please be aware of that.

Pogo Blitz 177 - SOLD $300: another cult following board. Pogo has been making carve boards for quite some time but stays low in the German market only. Perfect shape, no damage.

Riot Velocity 170 - $200: same company as Riot cayacs as the owner of Riot was a carver and wanted to make their own line of board. Very rare. Perfect shape, no damage.

Let me know if any interest.




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B, you need another Burner like I need another Tanker......

Oh wait! I DO need another!!!

Arrived today! SWEET!! Thanks Fin, I don't know how I could have lived without another Burner :D :eplus2:

Sorry for the slow response Jon, I didn't see your post until just now. I wish I had a spare Tanker for you :ices_ange

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