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The Three "Madd" Amigos: Madd 158, 170, 180 for sale


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Part of my personal collection and I want to see them get a good home.

The Madd 158 is the original model with the brass inserts. All inserts are 100% but you need to be very specific about the length of screw you use. If you are, no issues. Board is in fantastic shape and even comes with period correct stickers.

The 170 and 180 are from the "next" generation year are also in great shape. One insert on the front pack of the 180 has some damage to the lead threads (I have marked it on the board). I have chased it with a tap and it is in good shape. But i would suggest using the longest screw it can take.

Base on all these boards are near-perfect with no hits on them.

Any questions let me know.

The Madd Triple Threat is going for $2100.




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It's gonna be a long summer! Shaggy's original 158 that I rode at ECES was awesome, but so was big canuck's 2007 158 I got from ktv. It'll be interesting to pit these two against each other, hopefully along with other current boards.

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