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UPZ RC10 and F2 Race Titanium interface: built in heel lift?


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Wondering if anyone else uses this interface - RC10's with F2 binders. It occurred to me that there might be some built in heel lift in the UPZ's. If I run the F2's completely flat, no cant no lift, is my foot (not my boot) level/parallel with the ground?

Any ideas on how to measure this? I'm having trouble figuring out where the bottom of the internal footbed is on the outside of the boot.

The purpose for all of this is that I was noticing my front quad cramping up, and that I've had to go really narrow on my stance to eliminate this. I'm wondering if that's because BOTH boots have a little built in heel lift that I could counter with a little toe lift. But then that begs the question: how much toe lift for the front, and do I do it equally in the back? :freak3:


Thanks in advance

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I think I heard someone say UPZs have around a 15 degree ramp. You could measure by removing a heel screw and a toe screw and the liner and put an unbent paper clip through. Feel from inside to get it flush with the "bootboard". Mark both depths, then measure the difference.

Edit: just did this, seems to be about an inch of heel lift on the RTRs I have.

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there is quite a lot of heel lift in UPZ boots, more than deeluxe certainly. it's a consequence of moving the heelmount inward.

on my intecs, i have the block and two wedges providing toe lift at the front and heel lift at the rear. i think i just about have some toe lift at the front, and definitely have a goodly wedge of heel lift at the back. my rear binding gets mounted a bit further back because of this layout..

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