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Dynafit TLT5 for Carving and Powder


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I had been using Raichle SB413 w/ BTS for carving and softboots for powder/all mountain. The SB413 flex is on the softer end of the Raichle/Deeluxe spectrum.

At Splitboard.com Dynafit TLT5 Mountain thread modified AT (alpine touring) boots have been getting popular for powder/all mountain. That thread on the Dynafit TLT5 Mountain got me interested in trying it out for both carving and powder. This thread on the newer TLT6 has got better pictures for pretty much the same mods.

Reasons for trying out the Dynafit TLT5 Mountain (Performance version is stiffer and more expensive)

• Weight, TLT5 = 2.55 LB/boot; Raichle w/ BTS = 4.46 LB/boot

• TLT5 has nice buckles; buckles on my Raichles are about done

• It’s time for some new boots

The biggest drawback for the Dynfit TLT5/6 boots is the extremely high retail price.

I found a new pair of 2011/12 model TLT5 boots for $389 and took the plunge. The TLT5 is a low volume boot. My Raichle boots are mondo 24, I had to go up to 25.5 on the TLT5. However, because of the BTS on the Raichle boots, I can use the same stance angles for the TLT5, even though the TLT5 sole is slightly longer.

In “walk mode”, the TLT5 ankle has a 60deg range of motion (per the boot spec). The upper buckle tightens the boot cuff AND engages “ride mode/forward lean”.

In stock “ride mode”, range of movement is reduced and the toeside flex felt too stiff for me, even with the removable tongue removed.

The removable tongue that comes standard with the boot is very easy to take in or out. Since these are touring boots, Dynafit expects the skier to remove the tongue on the way up and put the tongues back in on the way down.

The standard splitboarder modification is to enlarge the “forward lean slot” to allow greater range of motion and reduce toeside flex stiffness. Most splitboarders also seem to use the boot WITHOUT the removable tongue.

Instead, I used a shoestring and some 3/8” OD tubing to block the forward lean tab. This allowed maximum toeside range of movement while keeping the top buckle tight. I used both the Dynafit optional tongue and the Eliminator tongue to give me the stiffness on the toeside flex that I wanted. The tight upper cuff and tongues acted as the stop for heelside flex. When I ride with steeper binding angles on my Coiler 171 (54 deg front/51deg back) and Furberg 162 (33 deg front / 30 deg back), I don’t like any forward lean, so loss of the forward lean in this mode didn’t’ bother me.

With the above setup the TLT5 toeside flex felt almost identical to the Raichle SB413 with BTS (yellow springs). Lateral and medial flex on the TLT5 felt a hair softer than the Raichle’s.

My first day on the TLT5 riding a Coiler 171 Stubby (54F/51B) with F2 Titanium Race bindings, I felt an immediate improvement. The Dynafit upper cuff fit my calves better than the Raichles (I even used Booster Straps with the Raichles). The improved fit of the Dynafit removed slop between my shin and tongue. This made my edge to edge transfers quicker than with my old hardboots. The range of motion on the ankle allowed me to really bend my knees low before initiating an EC style turn.

At 5’7”, 135 lb, carving hardpack with the TLT5 in modified “walk mode” with the optional tongue installed felt great. I didn’t feel any loss of performance compared to the Raichles. The Dynafit has a higher spine and stiffer tongue than the Raichle. The Dynafit’s high spine looks to be the stop on forward movement while in “walk mode”.

When I first bought my Raichle SB413, walk mode felt too loose. I immediately installed the BTS and never rode the Raichles in “walk mode”.

After the early morning boilerplate groom got slushy, I switched to my all mountain board (Furberg 162/ F2 Proflex), using a similar boot setup but with shallower angles (33F/30B). This will be the setup I use for powder days; maybe remove the removable Dynafit tongue. When I rode shallower angles on the Raichle, I needed to keep the buckle loose to get the medial flex that I wanted. With shallower angles on the TLT5, I could keep the upper buckle tight and get correct medial flex that I wanted.

I decided to also try the Dynafit boots on my Burton Custom 152 (with Burton plates) for the park/pipe. For this mode, I left the top buckle undone (for tweakability) and engaged the forward lean tab by using a Booster Strap. If the forward lean tab is NOT engaged while the top buckle is undone, you lose highback support for heelside turns. I like forward lean on shallow binding angles (18F / 9B) so having forward lean in this mode felt good. I also wore the Eliminator tongues, but moved those inward to prevent shin bang on the medial flex. I did NOT use the Dynafit removable tongue in this mode.

This mode worked great. I was able to tweak my methods and tail grabs just as well as my soft setup. Even with only the bottom buckle engaged (plus Booster strap underneath the top buckle that was left open), the Dynafit gave me better heel hold down than my soft setup (T1 boots / Burton C60 bindings).

With the TLT5 working so well, I’ll be able to retire the Raichle hardboots AND the K2 T1 softboots.

The only problems I had with the TLT5 were due to the Eliminator tongues moving around. I’ll have to try the Intuition wrapstyle liners from the Raichles to see if I can eliminate the Eliminator tongues. I don’t want to cut the shells to eliminate shin bang except as a last resort.




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I would say the "SB 413 flex" is on the mid to upper range of flex, like SB 124 / 324 on Raichle hardboots. SB-shells became more stiff that Years (2001/2002).

Go to SB 123, 113, 133, 313 for a good flex on powder boards.

Bomber BTS are way to heavy for climbing high mountains. Use "eco-mechanism" and light thermofit liners on Raichle/Deeluxe boots.

I recently compared some Scarpa's ski-mountainering boots to an SB 223 (4 buckles, 1997/1998). The Scarpa's had been as stiff on hike-mode like the Raichle SB-223 with locked forward lean mechanism!

Yes, the Scarpa's are amazing light, like all ski-mountainering boots are. But flexing them to the side, thats what we need on wider powder-boards, is wired - way to stiff.

I can not understand how anyone can talk from snowboarding if wearing Dynafit TLT's or similar. They don't realy perform on snowboards. They are not build for hardbooting. For sure you can downhill a mountain on them with snowboards. But that's not fun. Myself I like to ride with power, speed and fun on any snow-condition, even if riding down more than 7500 ft at once.

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I use scarpa spirits AT boots for back country riding on a splitboard and using approach skis.  I think the scarpa's are very close to the sb series flex and honestly work great for all kinds of riding . I think the key is a flexy binding like burton raceplates or sidewinders .  Also I ride with very forward angles on all my boards so the boot flex is closer in alignment to the front/back of the board.  (65/60 to 55/50) 22" wide toe/heel canting.  Anyways I totally think you can use AT boots for alpine .   

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I've been using scarpa pegasus (softer maestrale) for 20 days so far this season they rock as a carving boot. I got them for the venture odin split, and was wanting to use them on my nidecker escapes, even used them on the 22yr old grocer last week.

Don't feel a need to mod/cut the boot as I use them for skiing also, and with flexy binder they feel pretty similar to my 224s with stiff stepins.

I ride the back foot in walk mode and use thermo flex liners when boarding for softer flex than the tongued touring liners for skiing.



ps, bought them on a close out deal for $200

 wider last than tlt5,

307 bsl on size 27 at 40*/30* on a 25 wide board

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On 1/21/2016 at 9:28 AM, pokkis said:

Yep, Backland.

I try to shoot better pic next week when home.

Setup is such that no mod reguired for boots and can return original system.

We never got to see more pics.  :confused:

What's your thoughts of the Backlands?


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Ooops, my plan was to slightly clean up those Alu pieces before shooting better pics, never happened, 
so perhaps I should try to shoot pictures tomorrow. Whole setup is installed to boot with same screws as original one.

Anyway my new plan is update that with new full carbon upper piece, just for better look.

I like how boot works, they are super light and nice to walk. When riding they work very nice way.
Perhaps slightly stiffer boot sideways could be better for corduroy carving, but don't see any need to update.  

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10 minutes ago, chowtownsfinest said:

@pokkis, is it a bts spring? what did you use to attach it via the screws? 

I can see from his earlier photo it is not and it sounds like he made all the pieces.

There are other spring systems and too many choices of spring.


PS- I just bought a set of Backlands today.  Counting on @pokkis to come through... no pressure. :ph34r:

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Yep, thanks for pressure, it makes me to do something :ices_ange

Here is pic and some detais

1. piece of carbon attached with same screws as original system, can be also Al, carbon just look much better

2. Al piece installed with screws to carbon piece. In next version these two will be one carbon one

3. Al piece with M6 female thread.

Srew is M6 titan screw and spring is standard spring with smaller dia than BTS.

There could be backspring between Al pieces but due my std boot setups are always as straight up boot goes, i dont need it.


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